11th (East Africa) Division

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11th (East Africa) Division
11th EA div (2).svg
Formation sign of the 11th (East Africa) Division (second pattern).[1]
Active 1943–1945
Country  United Kingdom
Branch  British Army
Type Infantry
Size Division
Part of Fourteenth Army

Second World War

The 11th (East Africa) Infantry Division was a British Empire colonial unit formed in February 1943 during World War II.


In 1943, the 11th (East Africa) Division was formed primarily of troops from British East Africa. The division should not be confused with the earlier 11th (African) Division which was composed of brigades both from British East Africa and from Nigeria in British West Africa, fought in the East African Campaign and was disbanded in late 1941.

Combat history[edit]

Men of the 11th Division on the road to Kalewa, Burma after crossing the Chindwin River, 1945

The Division was composed of troops from Kenya, Uganda, Nyasaland, Tanganyika and Northern Rhodesia.[2] The 11th (East Africa) Division fought with the Fourteenth Army in Burma during the Burma Campaign. In the later part of 1944, the division pursued the Japanese retreating from Imphal down the Kabaw valley and established bridgeheads over the Chindwin River. In 1945, elements of the division played a part in the Battle of Meiktila and Mandalay.

Commanding officers[edit]


21st East African Brigade[edit]

under Brigadier J. F. Macnab

25th East African Brigade[edit]

under Brigadier N. C. Hendricks

  • 11th (Kenya) Bn. King's African Rifles
  • 26th (Tanganyika) Bn. King's African Rifles
  • 34th (Uganda) Bn. King's African Rifles[2]

26th East African Brigade[edit]

under Brigadier V. K. H. Channer (to November 18, 1944), Brigadier A. P. Walsh (from November 18, 1944)

  • 22nd (Nyasaland) Bn. King's African Rifles
  • 36th (Tanganyika) Bn. King's African Rifles
  • 44th (Uganda) Bn. King's African Rifles[2]

Divisional troops[edit]

  • 5th Bn. King's African Rifles (divisional reconnaissance unit)[2]
  • 13th Bn. King's African Rifles (HQ defence unit)
  • 10th (Belgian Congo) Casualty Clearing Station[3]

Divisional Artillery[edit]

CRA Brigadier J. V. D. Radford

Divisional Engineers[edit]

Divisional Signals[edit]

  • 11th East African Divisional Signals[2]

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