11th Air Defense Division

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11th Air Defense Division
11. divizija protivvazdušne odbrane
Active 1964–1986
Disbanded 1986
Country  Yugoslavia
Branch Yugoslav Air Force
Type Division
Size 5 regiments
HQ Belgrade, Banjica

The 11th Air Defense Division (Serbo-Croatian: 11. divizija protivvazdušne odbrane/ 11. дивизија противваздушне одбране) was an air defense division established in 1964
1st Air Defense Zone (Serbo-Croatian: 1. zona protivvazdušne odbrane / 1. зона противваздушне одбране).


The 1st Air Defense Zone was formed in 1964, and it was reorganized into 11th Air Defense Division on July 25, 1966. The divisions command was at Begrade - Banjica. Its task was aerial defense of eastern part of the airspace of Yugoslavia. It has consisted from five regiments, two fighter aviation regiments, two rocket air defense regiments and one air reconnaissance regiment, and other smaller units. It was disbanded on February 28, 1986, when its command was reorganized into command of 1st Corps of Air Force and Air Defense.[1]


Previous designations[edit]

  • 1st Air Defense Zone (1964-1966)
  • 11th Air Defense Division (1966-1986)


Commanding officers[edit]

Date appointed Name
July 25, 1966 Ljubiša Ćurguz
August 1968 Stevan Roglić
June 29, 1970 Bojan Savnik
September 1971 Radovan Srećković
June 26, 1972 Ismet Kulenović
September 27, 1976 Aleksa Ristić
October 1979 Branko Gajević
September 7, 1981 Božidar Stefanović


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