11th Alpini Regiment

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11° Reggimento Alpini
CoA mil ITA rgt alpini 011.png
Coat of Arms of the 11th Alpini Regiment
Active 22 December 1935 - 12 September 1943
8 August 1992 - 18 March 2002
Country Italy
Branch Italian Army
Type Alpini
Role Mountain Infantry
Size 3 Battalions
Bolzano Battalion
Trento Battalion
Bassano Battalion
Part of 5th Alpine Division Pusteria
1935 - 1943
Garrison/HQ Bruneck
Motto(s) Audacemente ascendere
Anniversaries 15 February 1936 - Battle of Amba Aradam
Engagements Second Italo-Abyssinian War
World War II:
Battle of France
Greco-Italian War
Decorations 1 Croce di Cavaliere dell'O.M.I.
2 Silver Medals of Military Valor
2 Bronze Medals of Military Valor

The 11th Alpini Regiment (Italian: 11° Reggimento Alpini) was a light Infantry regiment of the Italian Army, specializing in Mountain Combat. The Alpini are a mountain infantry corps of the Italian Army, that distinguished itself in combat during World War I and World War II.



On 22 December 1935 the 11th Alpini was formed in the city of Bruneck with existing battalions from other Alpini regiments:

On 1 January 1936 the regiment was subordinated to the newly created 5th Alpine Division Pusteria and sent with the division to Eritrea to fight in the Second Italo-Abyssinian War


For the war the Pusteria had been augmented by the Exilles and Intra battalions and four artillery batteries form the 1st Alpine Division Taurinense. The Pusteria participated in all battles of the Northern Theater and the 11th regiment distinguished itself during the Battle of Amba Aradam, for which it received it first Bronze Medal of Military Valor. The division returned to the Italy in 1937 and was honored with a parade through the streets of Rome on 13 March 1937.

World War II[edit]

After its return the regiment was reorganized, returning two battalions to their original regiments. As replacement the regiment received an existing battalion and raised another one. Thus as of 11 April 1937 the new structure of the regiment was:

  • CoA mil ITA rgt alpini 011.png 11th Alpini Regiment
    • Nappina bianca.png Bolzano battalion (newly raised)
    • Nappina rossa.png Trento battalion
    • Nappina verde.png Bassano battalion (from 9th Alpini Regiment)

On 21 June 1940 (one day before the French surrender) the Pusteria division began to advance into southern France during the last days of the Battle of France.

Afterwards the 11th Alpini was sent to Albania, where it participated in the Italian attack on Greece. After the German invasion of Yugoslavia the Pusteria and its units were sent to Montenegro were the division was decimated in heavy fighting against Yugoslavian Partisans.

In August 1942, the division was repatriated and after two months of rest participated in Case Anton, the Axis occupation of Vichy France. Afterwards the Pusteria took up garrison duties in the southern region of Provence. After the signing of the Italian armistice with the Allies on 8 September 1943 part of the division surrendered to German forces in Southern France while other units managed to return to the Italian region of Piedmont were they disbanded.


With the reintroduction of the regimental level in the Italian Army in 1991/1992 the regiment was reformed on 8 August 1992 in Bruneck as part of the Alpine Brigade Tridentina. The regiment consisted of just one battalion the Nappina rossa.png Trento battalion and was moved to the nearby village of Welsberg were battalion and regiment were dissolved on 18 March 2002.

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