11th Hour (novel)

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11th Hour
11th Hour (novel).jpg
First hardcover edition
Author James Patterson and Maxine Paetro
Country United States
Language English
Series Women's Murder Club
Genre Thriller novel
Publisher Little, Brown and Co.
Publication date
May 7, 2012[1]
Media type Print (hardcover)[2]
Pages 416 pp (first edition, hardcover)
ISBN 0316097497 (for first hardcover edition)
Preceded by 10th Anniversary (2011)
Followed by 12th of Never (2013)

11th Hour is the 11th novel of the Women’s Murder Club series written by American author James Patterson. The main character of this series is Sgt. Lindsay Boxer, the series is a set in San Francisco and the Women's Murder Club is a small group of women who meet with Boxer to help solve sensational crimes in the city. Throughout the series, the membership of the Women's Murder Club has had some changes.[3][4]


This book has two major plots, the two major plots involve cases in which Boxer quickly becomes involved. Someone is gunning down San Francisco drug dealers and also an undercover cop is gunned down by the same killer. One of the weapons used was taken from her own department's evidence locker, indicating the involvement of a rogue cop, the second major plot involves Boxer, when two heads appear unexpectedly in the garden of a mansion owned by a world-famous actor. More heads are unearthed in the garden.[5]


At least two professional reviews were written about this book. Joe Hartlaub wrote in the Book Reporter website, "The '11th Hour' . . . may be the best Women's Murder Club novel to date."[6] A second reviewer, Kay Dyer, wrote a review on the News OK website, but did not indicate whether or not she liked the book.[7]


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