11th ZAI Awards

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11th ZAI Awards

Artmedia Music Academy Awards



Grand Prix
Peter Lipa


The 11th ZAI Awards, honoring the best in the Slovak music industry for individual achievements for the year of 2000, took time and place on March 9, 2001 at the civic center Zrkadlový háj in Bratislava. The ceremony was held in association with the local Music Fund (HF) and the International Federation of the Phonographic Industry Slovakia (SNS IFPPI). As with the previous two editions, the accolades were named after the Artmedia Music Academy, established by ZAI and the related company in 1999.


Main categories[edit]

Richard Müller
Jana Kirschner
No Name
IMT Smile
Martin Babjak
Peter Lipa
Vocal Male Artist – Pop Vocal Female Artist – Pop

Richard Müller

Jana Kirschner

Vocal Ensemble – Pop New Artist

No Name

Róbert Papp

Instrumental Artist Writer(s)

Andrej Šeban

Igor Timko • Roman Timko – "Žily" (by No Name)

Cover Art Song

Richard Müller a hosté (by R. Müller) – Michal Hořava and Jan Saudek

"Žily" (by No Name) – Igor and Roman Timko

Record Album – Pop

Bezvetrie (by A. Šeban) – Juraj Kupec, Ivan Jombík and Miroslav Širáň

Počkám si na zázrak – No Name

Producer Music Act

Bezvetrie (by A. Šeban) – Juraj Kupec

TV Luna – Music television

Music Video

"Tajné milovanie" (by IMT Smile) – Vladimír Struhár

Genre awards[edit]

Vocal Male Artist – Classical Vocal Male Artist – Traditional

Martin Babjak

Ján Berky-Mrenica, Jr

Vocal Female Artist – Classical Vocal Female Artist – Traditional

Ľubica Vargicová

Darina Laščiaková

Vocal Ensemble – Classical Vocal Ensemble – Traditional

Slovenský komorný orchester

Diabolské husle of Berky-Mrenica, Sr

Album – Traditional

Diabolské husle (by Berky-Mrenica, Sr) – Ján Berky-Mrenica, Sr


Grand Prix Peter Lipa


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