11th government of Turkey

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Refik Saydam

The 11th government of Turkey (25 January 1939 – 3 April 1939) was a short-term government in 1939. It is also known as the first Saydam cabinet.


The government was formed after Celal Bayar, the prime minister of the previous government, resigned. The new prime minister was Refik Saydam, the secretary general of the Republican People’s Party.

The government[edit]

Title[1][2] Name
Prime Minister Refik Saydam
Ministry of Justice Fikret Sılay
Ministry of National Defense Naci Tınaz
Ministry of the Interior Faik Öztrak
Ministry of Foreign Affairs Şükrü Saracoğlu
Ministry of Finance Fuat Ağralı
Ministry of National Education Hasan Ali Yücel
Ministry of Public Works Ali Çetinkaya
Ministry of Health Hulusi Alataş
Ministry of Customs and Monopolies Ali Rana Tarhan
Ministry of Economy Hüsnü Çakır
Ministry of Agriculture and Village Affairs Muhlis Erkmen


Refik Saydan's cabinet ended because of the general elections held on 26 March. However, the prime minister of the next government was also Refik Saydam.


Preceded by
10th government of Turkey
(Celal Bayar)
1st Government of Turkey
25 January 1939 – 3 April 1939
Succeeded by
12th government of Turkey
(Refik Saydam)