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A 12-hour run is a form of ultramarathon in which each competitor tries to run as far as possible in 12 hours. The event is typically held on 1 to 2 mi (1.6 to 3.2 km) loops, but sometimes is held on 400-metre (0.25 mi) tracks.[1] Some races are held on trails and others are held on sidewalks in city parks. Top runners will often run 60 miles (97 km) or more (the best doing about 100 miles (160 km)), depending on conditions. Some participants will have a crew to help them, while others set up a camp with their equipment and supplies near the starting area, with good access from each loop.


World records of 12 hour[2]
Women Men
Athlete Distance (m) Place Athlete Distance (m) Place
Road Ann Trason
 United States
144,840 New York (Queens),  United States
4 May 1991
Yiannis Kouros
162,543 New York,  United States
7 November 1984
Track Camille Herron
 United States
149,130 Phoenix  United States
9/10 December 2017
Zach Bitter
 United States
163,785 Phoenix  United States
14 December 2013

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  1. ^ If the loop is less than 1 km, run direction changes every 2-4 (sometimes 6) hours.
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