1200 Micrograms

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1200 Micrograms
Origin Ibiza, Spain
Genres Electronica
Years active 1999–2016
Labels TIP World
Associated acts C.R.M.B., Electric Scientists, G.M.S., Growling Machines, Growling Mad Synchro, Growling Moon Spirits, Growlmonizer, Harmonix, Inner Reflextions, Meathead Productions, Shpongle, Soundaholix, Sound Farmers, Spacedrifters, Systembusters, Twisted Allstars, Zorba, Quintessence, The Mystery of the Yeti, The Infinity Project
Website www.spunrecords.org
Members Riktam Matkin
Bansi Quinteros
Raja Ram

1200 Micrograms (also known as 1200 Mics, or 1300 Mics) is an electronic group from Ibiza. The members are Riktam and Bansi Quinteros from GMS, Raja Ram from Shpongle and trance artist Chicago (David Christman). The band was formed in 1999 and split up in late 2016 following ongoing disputes; Riktam was "fed up writing all the music and splitting the money three ways", while Raja Ram and Chicago became "irritated at Riktam and Bansi's unreliability in turning up for performances".[1][2]


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