1200s BC (decade)

The 1200s BC is a decade which lasted from 1209 BC to 1200 BC. 1207 BC Pharaoh Merneptah claims a victory over the Israelites. October 30 – Earliest known dateable solar eclipse. 1206 BC: Approximate starting date of Bronze age collapse, a period of migration and destruction in the eastern Mediterranean and Near East. 1204 BC: Theseus, legendary King of Athens, is deposed after a reign of 30 years and succeeded by Menestheus, great-grandson of Erichthonius II of Athens and second cousin of Theseus' father Aegeus. Menestheus is assisted by Castor and Polydeuces of Sparta, who want to reclaim their sister Helen from her first husband Theseus. Theseus seeks refuge in Skyros, whose King Lycomedes is ally. Lycomedes, considers his visitor a threat to the throne and proceeds to assassinate him. C. 1200 BC: Earliest writing that survived exists in Ancient China. C. 1200 BC: Chariots appear in Ancient China. C. 1200 BC: Start of Pan-Illyrians c. 1200 BC: Collapse of Hittite power in Anatolia with the destruction of their capital Hattusa.

C. 1200 BC: The Israelite highland settlement takes place, with a notable increase in the settled population in the hills north of Jerusalem during this time. C. 1200 BC: Massive migrations of people around the Mediterranean and the Middle-East. See Sea People for more information. C. 1200 BC: Aramaic nomads and Chaldeans become a big threat to the former Babylonian and Assyrian Empire. C. 1200 BC: Migration and expansion of Dorian Greeks. Destruction of Mycenaean city Pylos. C. 1200 BC: Final destruction of the major Mycenian city excavated at Iklaina. C. 1200 BC: The Cimmerians start settling the steppes of southern Russia?. c. 1200 BC: The proto-Scythian Srubna culture expands from the lower Volga region to cover the whole of the North Pontic area. C. 1200 BC: Olmec culture starts and thrives in Mesoamerica. C. 1200 BC: San Lorenzo Tenochtitlán starts to flourish. C. 1200 BC: Ancestral Puebloan civilization in North America. C. 1200 BC: Possible battle in the Tollense River Valley of northern Germany.

Tale of Two Brothers from the Egyptian Papyrus D’Orbiney by the scribe Ennana

Sawyer County Airport

Sawyer County Airport is a county owned public use airport in Sawyer County, United States. It is located two nautical miles northeast of the central business district of Wisconsin, it is included in the Federal Aviation Administration National Plan of Integrated Airport Systems for 2019–2023, in which it is categorized as a local general aviation facility. It was known as Hayward Municipal Airport. Sawyer County Airport covers an area of 471 acres at an elevation of 1,216 feet above mean sea level, it has two runways: 3/21 is 5,002 by 100 feet with an asphalt surface and with approved ILS and GPS approaches. For the 12-month period ending July 11, 2018, the airport had 11,600 aircraft operations, an average of 32 per day: 82% general aviation, 17% air taxi and 1% military. In January 2019, there were 22 aircraft based at this airport: 17 single-engine, 1 multi-engine, 3 jet and 1 helicopter. Hayward VOR/DME, 113.4 MHz, is located on the field. L & L Aviation is the fixed-base operator. List of airports in Wisconsin Airport page at Sawyer County website "Sawyer County". at Wisconsin DOT Airport Directory FAA Terminal Procedures for HYR, effective February 27, 2020 Resources for this airport: FAA airport information for HYR AirNav airport information for KHYR ASN accident history for HYR FlightAware airport information and live flight tracker NOAA/NWS weather observations: current, past three days SkyVector aeronautical chart, Terminal Procedures

Summer Ross

Summer Ross is an American beach volleyball player. She was the FIVB 2010 Youth Under-19 and Junior Under-21 world champion, the only player to win both titles in the same year and was named 2010 USA Volleyball Beach Female Athlete of the Year; as of 2018, her partner is Sara Hughes. Ross was born in California to Tony and Kathy, her older brother, was a member of the men's volleyball team at Pepperdine University. Ross began working with coaches from the USA Volleyball Beach Program in 2008. Competing with Jane Croson, Ross placed ninth at the 2008 U21 World Championships and fifth at the 2009 U19 World Championships, she had another fifth-place finish with teammate Jazmin Machado at the 2009 U21 World Championships. Her breakthrough came in 2010, when Croson won the U19 World Championships in August; the following month, Ross partnered with Tara Roenicke to win the U21 World Championships, defeating Italy's Marta Menegatti and Viktoria Orsi Toth in three sets in the gold-medal match. With these wins, 17-year-old Ross became the first beach volleyball player to win both age-group World Championships in the same year.

By the end of 2010, Ross had been featured in Sports Illustrated's Faces in the Crowd and was named USAV's Beach Female Athlete of the Year. Ross placed fourth at the U21 World Championships with Sara Hughes two years later. Ross was an active club indoor volleyball player and played for Carlsbad High School in her freshman and sophomore years, she graduated as valedictorian from Carlsbad Seaside Academy in 2011. Regarded as one of the top high school recruits for indoor volleyball, Ross played as a right-side hitter for the Washington Huskies during her freshman year in 2011. Ross started in all of the team's 32 led the Huskies in service aces. Following her freshman season, beach volleyball became an NCAA Emerging Sport for Women and several Division I colleges began sponsoring the sport. Ross transferred to Pepperdine University in 2012 in order to pursue NCAA beach volleyball as Washington did not have a team at the time; as a sophomore, she partnered with Caitlin Racich to lead Pepperdine to both the inaugural team and pairs AVCA National Championships.

She was named a Division I Collegiate Beach All-American at the end of season. That year and partner Emily Day won the 2012 World University Championships in Maceio, Brazil. After one season at Pepperdine, Ross left college in 2013 to play beach volleyball professionally. While still in high school and college, Ross competed as an amateur on the domestic and international professional tours, she made her Association of Volleyball Professionals debut at the $105K Long Beach Open in 2008, losing in the first round of the qualifiers. The following year, at the respective ages of 16 and 17, Ross and partner Natalie Hagglund became the youngest team at the time to qualify for an AVP main draw at the 2009 Manhattan Beach Open finishing in 49th place. Ross qualified for the main draw at four of the five AVP tournaments she entered during the 2010 season, placing as high as 13th before the league suspended operations for the season. In July 2012, Ross competed with former Olympian, Nicole Branagh, at the Berlin Grand Slam, making her first main draw in an elite international tournament.

The following week, Ross was granted a wild card into the Klagenfurt Grand Slam with her U21 partner, Tara Roenicke, as part of the prize for winning the FIVB Beach Volleyball U21 World Championships in 2010. At the start of the 2013 World Tour, Ross teamed up with Brittany Hochevar to finish 17th at the $146.4K Fuzhou Open. Ross switched partners to Emily Day in the middle of the year. After 17th places in their first two tournaments together and Day went on to finish within the top five in three $220K Grand Slams. In July, the 39th-seeded pair tied for 17th at the World Championships in Stare Jabłonki, losing to Doris and Stefanie Schwaiger of Austria in the Round of 32, they reached their first World Tour podium at the $146.4K Phuket Open in November, where they were the runners-up after being beaten in the gold-medal match by China's Xia Xinyi and Xue Chen. Ross and Day finished; the pair had success on the AVP tour. Despite having to go through the qualifiers in their first AVP event together and Day upset the second-seeded Kerri Walsh Jennings and Whitney Pavlik in the finals to win the $75K Cincinnati Open in September, giving Ross her first AVP title.

The pair went on to reach the finals at the next two AVP stops, losing to Jennifer Kessy and April Ross in the $50K Atlantic City Open, while the final match of the $75K St. Petersburg Open was cancelled due to inclement weather. On the 2014 World Tour and Day's best finish was taking fifth place at the $400K Stavanger Grand Slam in June, following a quarterfinal defeat by eventual champions April Ross and Walsh Jennings; the duo posted two ninth place finishes at the $400K Shanghai and $500K Long Beach Grand Slams. They ended the World Tour season ranked No. 21. Ross and Day entered the 2014 AVP season as the top seeds. Competing in seven AVP tournaments, their best result was a second-place finish at the $75K Atlantic City Open in September, in which they lost to April Ross and Walsh Jennings in straight sets in the finals, they came in third in three events. Ross and Day ended their partnership and Ross teamed up with Jennifer Fopma for the first half of the 2015 World Tour. With Fopman, Ross's best finish was a fifth place at the $75,000 Prague Open in May.

Ross played with Lane Carico for the second half of the year, posting two more fifth-place finishes at the $75K Rio de Janeiro and Sochi Opens. They finished. Domestically, the duo competed in three AVP tournam