Johny El Zein

Johny El Zein known as Zein, is a Cypriot/Belizean professional footballer who plays as a winger for Aris Limassol FC. Zein was born in Dubai, UAE played for Ethnikos Achna FC. Officials announced on 2 February 2018, Zein was eligible to play against Apoel FC just days after the signing. Zein made his professional debut with Ethnikos Achna FC against Doxa Katokopias FC coming on as a substitute. In August 2019 announcement was made that the versatile winger signed for the season 2019/2020 with Aris FC, he made his league Debut coming off the bench on the 54th minute and scoring one goal with a good clinical finish. On Aris FC victory against Omonia Aradippou, Zein helped coming off the bench to keep the lead; the Limassol team are now 1st place of the first group. Zein has made contributions alongside his team mates at Enosis Neon Paralimni to a charitable event, which aims to raise money for children with special needs. J. El Zein at Soccerway. J. El Zein at

List of federal highways in Germany

The following is a list of the German federal highways or Bundesstraßen. This doesn't include the autobahns; the Bundesstraßen do not have a numbering system like that used for German autobahns, but they do have a clockwise regional numbering system: B 1 to B 10 across Germany from border to border B 11 to B 26 in Southeastern Germany B 27 to B 39 in Southwestern Germany B 40 to B 53 in Southwestern Germany B 54 to B 68 in Western Germany B 69 to B 83 in Northern Germany B 84 to B 100 in Central Germany B 101 to B 112 in Northeastern Germany R 113 to R 125 in Pomerania and Silesia R 126 to R 138 in East Prussia B 139 to B 327 were assigned in 1937 in a similar way B 328 to B 432 were assigned during World War II in territories occupied by Germany, including Austria, Czech Republic, France, Belgium etc. Most of them no longer exist, notable exceptions include the Bundesstraße 378 and the Bundesstraße 388. B 399 to B 535 were assigned after 1950 in chronological order 588 is the highest number allocated to date.

One Bundesstraße is being planned. The number 999 is sometimes used for a new Bundesstraße; the letters E to Z are replacement highways in former West Berlin