120 Krh/40

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120 Krh/40
TypeHeavy mortar
Place of originFinland
Service history
Used byFinnish army
Swedish army
Estonian army
German army
Latvian army
Lithuanian army
WarsContinuation War
Production history
No. built596 by Tampella[1]
Weight260 kilograms (570 lb)
Barrel length189cm

Caliber120 millimetres (12 cm)
Rate of fireup to 20 shots/minute[1]
Muzzle velocity116–290 m/s[1]
Maximum firing range5,300 metres (17,400 ft)

120 Krh/40 is a 120 mm mortar developed by Finnish Tampella (now Patria Vammas).

Use in Sweden[edit]

The 120 Krh/40 was exported to Sweden between 1941 and 1944 and later produced under license in Sweden. A total of 219 was exported by Tampella.[1] The Swedish military calls them 12 cm granatkastare m/41 and they have continued to serve as the standard heavy mortar of the Swedish Army.

They got a major increase in lethality when the STRIX top attack anti armour round was introduced in the 1990s; it's a smart weapon that homes in on the IR signature of armoured vehicles.

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