1222 Brescia earthquake

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1222 Brescia earthquake
1222 Brescia earthquake is located in Italy
1222 Brescia earthquake
Local date December 25, 1222 (1222-12-25)
Magnitude unk.
Epicenter 45°33′N 10°13′E / 45.55°N 10.22°E / 45.55; 10.22Coordinates: 45°33′N 10°13′E / 45.55°N 10.22°E / 45.55; 10.22[1]
Areas affected City-state of Brescia, city-state of Reggio, various parts of Tuscany and Lombardy
Max. intensity X (Extreme)[1]
Casualties 12,000 dead (est.)[1]

The 1222 Brescia earthquake occurred on Christmas Day in the year 1222.[2] The chronicler Salimbene de Adam records that it was so powerful that the inhabitants of Brescia left their city en masse and camped outside, so that the falling buildings would not crush them.[2]


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