Year 1235 was a common year starting on Monday of the Julian calendar. Connacht in Ireland is conquered by the Hiberno-Norman Richard Mór de Burgh. A general inquisition begins in France; the Byzantine emperor John III Doukas Vatatzes and the Bulgarian tsar Ivan Asen II besiege Constantinople, in an attempt to take it from its Latin rulers, John of Brienne and Baldwin II. Angelo Sanudo negotiates a two-year truce. Elizabeth of Hungary is canonized, by Pope Gregory IX. A Chinese text of this year records that Hangzhou City, the capital of the Song Dynasty, held various social clubs that included a West Lake Poetry Club, the Buddhist Tea Society, the Physical Fitness Club, the Anglers' Club, the Occult Club, the Young Girls' Chorus, the Exotic Foods Club, the Plants and Fruits Club, the Antique Collectors' Club, the Horse-Lovers' Club, the Refined Music Society. Probable date – The Lancaster Royal Grammar School is founded in England. Approximate date – Battle of Kirina: Mandinka prince Sundiata Keita defeats Sosso king Soumaoro Kanté, beginning the Mali Empire.

By tradition, the Manden Charter, a constitution, is proclaimed in Kouroukan Fouga. November 2 – Henry of Almain, King of the Romans probable Pope Boniface VIII Dafydd ap Gruffydd, Prince of Wales Ramon Llull, Catalan writer and philosopher Yolanda of Poland, saint Arnold of Villanova, Spanish alchemist and physician Qian Xuan, Chinese painter September 5 – Henry I, Duke of Brabant September 21 – King Andrew II of Hungary November 5 – Elisabeth of Swabia, queen consort of Castile and León"Date Unknown" Andronikos I Gidos, Emperor of Trebizond Rabbi David Kimhi, French Biblical commentator Ibn al-Qabisi

Rigoberto Rivas

Rigoberto Manuel Rivas Vindel is a Honduran footballer who plays as a midfielder for Italian club Reggina 1914 on loan from Inter Milan. Born in Balfate, Rivas started his professional career at Italian Lega Pro club Prato, he made his professional debut on 8 May 2016. Rivas played for the club in the "Berretti" under-19 youth team that season. Rivas played a match on 24 February 2013, for Prato's U15 team. However, he was not yet eligible, making the team losing the match to Grosseto, as FIGC awarded a 3–0 result in favour to Grosseto. Prato signed a 3-year partnership agreement with Internazionale in 2014, which saw the club sell Rivas to Internazionale on 30 August 2016 on a temporary basis; the under-19 team of the club won 2016–17 Campionato Nazionale Primavera, with Rivas in the starting lineup in the finals. Rivas received a call-up from Inter's first team. Stefano Vecchi, coach of the under-19 as well as a caretaker of the first team, called Rivas for the match against Udinese on 28 May 2017.

Rivas was assigned number 42 shirt. He was an unused substitute. Rivas made his non-competitive debut for the first team on 9 July 2017, he was signed by Inter outright on 7 July. On 31 August 2017 he was signed by Serie B club Brescia on a season-long loan deal with option to buy. On 10 September he made his Serie B debut for Brescia as a substitute replacing Matteo Cortesi in the 64th minute of a 1–0 away win over Parma. On 8 October, Rivas played his first match as a starter for Brescia, a 3–0 away defeat against Virtus Entella, he was replaced by Alessandro Martinelli in the 74th minute. On 20 October he played his first entire match for Brescia, a 2–0 away defeat against Cremonese. On 21 July 2018, Rivas signed to Ternana on loan until 30 June 2019, he made his debut in the second round of the Coppa Italia against Carpi and scored the second goal in a 2–0 win. On 2 September 2019, he joined Reggina on loan. Rivas received a call-up from Honduras national football team for 2017 CONCACAF Gold Cup.

However, he was dropped from the final squad. He did however receive a call-up for friendlies against Paraguay and Brazil on 5 and 9 June 2019, he made his debut against Paraguay – as a starter – in a 1–1 draw. As of 2 June 2019 Internazionale PrimaveraCampionato Nazionale Primavera: 2016–17 Rigoberto Rivas at Soccerway Rigoberto Rivas at

Recovery of an MMO Junkie

Recovery of an MMO Junkie is a Japanese manga series by Rin Kokuyō released as a webtoon on the Comico app. An anime television series adaptation directed by Kazuyoshi animated by Signal. MD aired from October to December 2017. On June 30, 2018, it was announced that Comico has ended the manga due to Rin Kokuyō's failing health. Prior to this, Recovery of an MMO Junkie had been on a hiatus since 2015. Moriko Morioka is a 30-year-old successful career woman who decides to quit her taxing corporate job and become an elite NEET and find a more fulfilling life, she creates a male character named Hayashi as her avatar. In the game, Hayashi meets a high-level player who helps him learn the game. Hayashi and Lily becomes close friends and he joins her guild, @HomeParty. Meanwhile, in the real world, Moriko has a chance encounter with a handsome elite company employee, Yuta Sakurai, who may have ties with her online life. Moriko Morioka Voiced by: Mamiko Noto, she quit her corporate job being disillusioned with the real world and started playing MMORPGs nonstop as a way to find meaning in her life.

Yuta Sakurai Voiced by: Takahiro Sakurai. He is an elite employee at his trading company. Outside of work, he is awkward and has a hard time communicating with others. Lily Voiced by: Reina Ueda. Hayashi Voiced by: Ryōta Suzuki. Homare Koiwai Voiced by: Tomoaki Maeno, he and Moriko used to know each other through their working calls, though they never met while she was employed. He holds Moriko in high regard as an employee and was upset when she decided to quit her job leading him to find another job at the trading company Yuta works at. Kazuomi Fujimoto Voiced by: Takuma Terashima, he plays the MMO game and is aware that Moriko is a player because she purchases electronic money for the game every visit. Pokotaro Voiced by: Kazuhiro Sunseki. O. in real life. Himeralda Voiced by: Takanori Yagi. O. in real life. Kanbe Voiced by: Yuichi Nakamura. Lilac Voiced by: Yuka Aisaka. Yuki Voiced by: Akiho Kumahara. Two volumes were published. An anime television series adaptation by Signal. MD was announced by Comico.

The series began streaming on the Japanese streaming service GyaO on October 6, 2017, beginning its TV broadcast October 9, 2017 on Tokyo MX and other stations. The opening theme song is "Saturday Night Question" by Megumi Nakajima and the ending theme song is "Hikari, Hikari" by Yūka Aisaka. Crunchyroll is simulcasting the series, while Funimation began streaming a simuldub on October 30, 2017; the series ran for 10 episodes with an OVA released alongside the Blu-ray Box and Crunchyroll released the OVA on December 15, 2017. Anime official website Recovery of an MMO Junkie at Anime News Network's encyclopedia