123rd Delaware General Assembly

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Charles L. Terry, Jr.
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123rd General Assembly
In office
January 5, 1965 – January 3, 1967
Preceded by 122nd Assembly
Succeeded by 124th Assembly

The 123rd Delaware General Assembly was a meeting of the legislative branch of the state government, consisting of the Delaware Senate and the Delaware House of Representatives. Elections were held the first Tuesday after November 1 and terms began in Dover on the first Tuesday in January. This date was January 5, 1965, which was two weeks before the beginning of the first administrative year of Governor Charles L. Terry, Jr. and Sherman W. Tribbitt as Lieutenant Governor.

Currently the distribution of seats for both houses was based on a court interpretation of the federal 1960 census. It resulted in a large shift in membership numbers to the New Castle County area and ruling that the election districts would abandonment of county lines for their boundaries, but could design whatever district boundaries that would accomplish such population equals. Subsequent census were adjusted such boundaries to continue such adjectives, the next being in 1972.

In the 123rd Delaware General Assembly session both chambers had a Democratic majority.



House of Representatives[edit]



About half the State Senators were elected every two years for a four-year term, except the decade district redesign year, when all served two years. They were designed for equal populations from all districts and its accomplishment occasionally included some territory from two counties.

New Castle County
  • 1. Russell D.F. Dineen
  • 2. Herman M. Holloway, Sr.
  • 3. George F. Schlor
  • 4. Joseph A. Martin
  • 5. Louise Conner
  • 6. John C. Kinahan
New Castle County
  • 7. Reynolds du Pont
  • 8. Margaret R. Manning
  • 9. Anthony C. Moore
  • 10. Robert I. Carney
  • 11. Calvin R. McCullough
  • 12. Robert C. Davidson
Kent County
  • 13. Allen J. Cook
  • 14. James D. McGinnis
  • 15. George A. Robbins
Sussex County
  • 16. Walter J. Hoey
  • 17. Curtis W. Steen
  • 18. Eugene Bookhammer

House of Representative[edit]

All the State Representatives were elected every two years for a two-year term. They were designed for equal populations from all districts and its accomplishment occasionally included some territory from two counties.

New Castle County
  • 1. Charles K. Kell
  • 2. Harry S. Wilson
  • 3. Oliver S. Fonville
  • 4. Reese Hammond
  • 5. Paul E. Shockley
  • 6. Frank A. Parisi
  • 7. John J. McMahon
  • 8. Michael DiEleuterio
  • 9. T. Lee Bartleson
  • 10. Maurice Fitzharris
  • 11. Clarice U. Heckert
  • 12. David S. Benson
New Castle County
  • 13. Robert N. Downs, III
  • 14. Everette Hale
  • 15. Vincent Bifferato
  • 16. Ralph Edmanson
  • 17. Robert J. Wilson
  • 18. Harold T. Bockman
  • 19. Mary E. Gooding
  • 20. Melvin Slawik
  • 21. John P. Ferguson
  • 22. James Quigley
  • 23. Carlton Blendt, Jr.
  • 24. William E. Alsip
Kent County
  • 25. Glenn W. Busker
  • 26. Jacob W. Zimmerman
  • 27. John P Kelly
  • 28. Dawson H. Shulties
  • 29. Maurice Adams
Sussex County
  • 30. W. Carlton Clifton
  • 31. Norman A. Eskridge
  • 32. William H. Phillips
  • 33. Monroe B. Hudson
  • 34. John M. Lecato
  • 35. M. Martin Isaacs


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