125 Rooms of Comfort

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125 Rooms of Comfort
Directed by Patrick Loubert
Produced by Don Haig
Written by Patrick Loubert
Victor Coleman
Starring Tim Henry
Jackie Burroughs
Robert A. Silverman
Cinematography Henri Filks
Edited by Thomas Berner
Release date
  • November 7, 1974 (1974-11-07)
Running time
81 minutes
Country Canada
Language English

125 Rooms of Comfort is a Canadian drama film, released in 1974.[1]

The film stars Tim Henry as Billie Joyce, a gay and transvestite former musician who has been institutionalized in an asylum due to mental illness. Inheriting the smalltown hotel formerly owned by his deceased father, he returns home intending to sell the hotel to real estate developer Oscar Kidd (Robert A. Silverman), but soon finds himself in the position of defending the rights of the hotel's staff against Kidd's renovation plans.


  • Tim Henry as Billie Joyce
  • Jackie Burroughs as Bobbie Kidd
  • Robert Warner (credited as Bob Warner) as Jim McKeagan
  • Robert A. Silverman (credited as Robert Silverman) as Oscar Kidd
  • Les Barker as Leo Basho
  • Sean Sullivan as Jack
  • Michael Lewis as Pete
  • Jackie Crossland as Marge
  • Marcia Diamond as Doris
  • Russ Little as Announcer
  • Leonard Glenn as Byron Joyce
  • Bob Vinci as Couple in Bed
  • Enza Vinci as Couple in Bed


The film was a nominee for Best Picture at the Canadian Film Awards in 1975, but did not win.[2]


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