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The following radio stations broadcast on AM frequency 1260 kHz:[1] There are 60 stations in the United States which broadcast on 1260 AM; the Federal Communications Commission classifies 1260 AM as a regional frequency.[2]

In Argentina

In Canada

  • CBPM in Sicamous, British Columbia
  • CBPU in Ucluelet, British Columbia
  • CFRN (AM) in Edmonton, Alberta
  • CKHJ in Fredericton, New Brunswick

In Mexico

In the United Kingdom

In the United States

  • KBHC in Nashville, Arkansas
  • KBRH in Baton Rouge, Louisiana
  • KCCB in Corning, Arkansas
  • KDLF in Boone, Iowa
  • KDUZ in Hutchinson, Minnesota
  • KKSA in San Angelo, Texas
  • KLDS in Falfurrias, Texas
  • KLYC in Mcminnville, Oregon
  • KNBL in Idaho Falls, Idaho
  • KPOW (AM) in Powell, Wyoming
  • KROX (AM) in Crookston, Minnesota
  • KSFB in San Francisco, California
  • KSGF (AM) in Springfield, Missouri
  • KSML (AM) in Diboll, Texas
  • KSUR in Beverly Hills, California
  • KTAE in Elgin, Texas
  • KTRC (AM) in Santa Fe, New Mexico
  • KWEI (AM) in Weiser, Idaho
  • KWSH in Wewoka, Oklahoma
  • KWYR (AM) in Winner, South Dakota
  • WBIX in Boston, Massachusetts
  • WBNR in Beacon, New York
  • WCCR in Cleveland, Ohio
  • WCHV in Charlottesville, Virginia
  • WCLC (AM) in Jamestown, Tennessee
  • WDKN in Dickson, Tennessee
  • WEKZ (AM) in Monroe, Wisconsin
  • WFJS (AM) in Trenton, New Jersey
  • WFTW in Fort Walton Beach, Florida
  • WGVM in Greenville, Mississippi
  • WHYM in Lake City, South Carolina
  • WI2XSO in Mayaguez, Puerto Rico
  • WI3XSO in Aguadilla, Puerto Rico
  • WISO in Ponce, Puerto Rico
  • WIYD in Palatka, Florida
  • WKXR in Asheboro, North Carolina
  • WMCH in Church Hill, Tennessee
  • WNDE in Indianapolis, Indiana
  • WNOO in Chattanooga, Tennessee
  • WNXT (AM) in Portsmouth, Ohio
  • WOCO (AM) in Oconto, Wisconsin
  • WPHB in Philipsburg, Pennsylvania
  • WPJF in Greenville, South Carolina
  • WPNW in Zeeland, Michigan
  • WRIE in Erie, Pennsylvania
  • WSDZ in Belleville, Illinois
  • WSHU (AM) in Westport, Connecticut
  • WSKO (AM) in Syracuse, New York
  • WSPZ in Washington, District of Columbia
  • WSUA in Miami, Florida
  • WUFE in Baxley, Georgia
  • WWIS (AM) in Black River Falls, Wisconsin
  • WWVT in Christiansburg, Virginia
  • WXCE in Amery, Wisconsin
  • WYDE (AM) in Birmingham, Alabama
  • WZBO in Edenton, North Carolina