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The following radio stations broadcast on AM frequency 1280 kHz:[1] 1280 AM is a regional North American broadcast frequency.

In Argentina

  • LU11 in Trenque Lauquen, Buenos Aires

In Canada

  • CBPP-1 in Prince Edward Island National Park, Prince Edward Island
  • CBQG in Wrigley, Northwest Territories (40 watt, class LP)
  • CFMB in Montreal, Quebec

In Mexico

In the United States

  • KBNO (AM) in Denver, Colorado
  • KCNI in Broken Bow, Nebraska
  • KCOB (AM) in Newton, Iowa
  • KDKD (AM) in Clinton, Missouri
  • KFRN in Long Beach, California
  • KIT (AM) in Yakima, Washington
  • KLDY in Lacey, Washington
  • KMFR in Pearsall, Texas
  • KNBY in Newport, Arkansas
  • KPRV (AM) in Poteau, Oklahoma
  • KQLL in Henderson, Nevada
  • KRVM (AM) in Eugene, Oregon
  • KRZE in Farmington, New Mexico
  • KSLI (AM) in Abilene, Texas
  • KSOK (AM) in Arkansas City, Kansas
  • KVXR in Moorhead, Minnesota
  • KWHI (AM) in Brenham, Texas
  • KWSX in Stockton, California
  • KXEG in Phoenix, Arizona
  • KXTK in Arroyo Grande, California
  • KYRO (AM) in Potosi, Missouri
  • KZFS in Spokane, Washington
  • KZNS (AM) in Salt Lake City, Utah
  • WADO in New York, New York
  • WANS in Anderson, South Carolina
  • WBIG (AM) in Aurora, Illinois
  • WBWX in Berwick, Pennsylvania
  • WCMN (AM) in Arecibo, Puerto Rico
  • WCPM in Cumberland, Kentucky
  • WDNT in Dayton, Tennessee
  • WDSP in DeFuniak Springs, Florida
  • WFYC in Alma, Michigan
  • WGBF (AM) in Evansville, Indiana
  • WHTK (AM) in Rochester, New York
  • WHVR in Hanover, Pennsylvania
  • WIHB in Macon, Georgia
  • WIPC in Lake Wales, Florida
  • WJAY in Mullins, South Carolina
  • WJYE (AM) in Gardiner, Maine
  • WMCP in Columbia, Tennessee
  • WMXB in Tuscaloosa, Alabama
  • WNAM in Neenah-Menasha, Wisconsin
  • WODT in New Orleans, Louisiana
  • WONW in Defiance, Ohio
  • WPID in Piedmont, Alabama
  • WPKZ in Fitchburg, Massachusetts
  • WSAT in Salisbury, North Carolina
  • WSUX in Seaford, Delaware
  • WTMY in Sarasota, Florida
  • WUZZ in New Castle, Pennsylvania
  • WWTC in Minneapolis, Minnesota
  • WYAL in Scotland Neck, North Carolina
  • WYVE in Wytheville, Virginia
  • WZXI in Lancaster, Kentucky