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12 Angry Viewers was a television show in the United States on MTV which aired from 1997 to 1998. The title is a play of title of the movie 12 Angry Men. Its first host was Jancee Dunn, with Ananda Lewis replacing her later on.


12 "Angry Viewers" were chosen. Through the course of a week they would watch several "brand new" videos and vote at the end of the episode which was the best. On Friday the best video out of the four chosen during the week was chosen and put into "heavy rotation" on the network. In actuality the 12 viewers filmed five episodes over the course of one day, after being selected from a group of walk-in auditioners who did a "test viewing" in an observed room.

There were also shows in which the viewer decided which video would get "banned" from being played on MTV. The first recipient of this honor would go to Gina G's 1996 single "Ooh Aah... Just a Little Bit" in 1998. However, this video was only played on select shows such as The Grind and never saw a lot of rotation on the channel.


The show was on during a period when MTV was being heavily criticized for not playing as many music videos as it had in the past. In an attempt to remedy this problem, 4 shows were created that centered on videos: 12 Angry Viewers, MTV Live, Say What?, and Total Request. MTV Live and MTV Total Request would later be combined into MTV Total Request Live, or simply TRL. Say What? would be turned into a Karaoke competition game show and renamed Say What? Karaoke. But 12 Angry Viewers was canceled.

Videos that won 12 Angry Viewers[edit]