12 Horas

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12 Horas
Directed by Raúl Marchand Sánchez
Produced by Elba Luis Lugo
Jorge Rojas Buscaglia
Written by Raúl Marchand Sánchez
Starring Charlie Masso
Cielomar Cuevas
Marcos Betancourt
Michelle Deliz
Wanda Rovira
Distributed by Manhattan Pictures International
Release date
  • 2001 (2001)
Running time
89 minutes
Language Spanish

12 Horas (in English, 12 Hours) is a 2001 Puerto Rican movie. It was written and directed by Raúl Marchand Sánchez, and marked both his screenwriting and directorial debut.

The movie follows the lives of several characters during the course of a night in Santurce, Puerto Rico (hence the title referring to the time from dusk to dawn).

It had a six-week run in cinemas in Puerto Rico. Its profanity and sexual content were a definite deviation from the norm as far as the usual content of Puerto Rican films done up to that time.


  • Patricia Alonso as Spanish Fly (drag queen)
  • Jaime Bello as Gustavo
  • Marcos Betancourt as Roberto
  • Joe Blues as Radio voice
  • Fernanda Bracho as Fernanda (drag queen)
  • Cielomar Cuevas as Cristina
  • Michelle Deliz as Virginia
  • Rosabel del Valle as Kathy
  • Juan M. García as Policeman
  • Modesto Lacen as Asaltante
  • Kidany Lugo as Jorge
  • Flavia Manes Rossi as Jackeline Bom Bom
  • Karla Marcano as Reina
  • Louis Martinez as Cashier at mini-mart
  • Charlie Massó as Abraham
  • Yadira Nazario as Liza
  • Sylvia Vargas Negrón as Roberto's wife
  • Brenda Plumel as Mari
  • Jorge Rangel as Charlie
  • Daritcia Rivera as Paulina
  • Wanda Rovira as Ada
  • Anthony Stuart as Sr. beefeater
  • Teófilo Torres as Antonio
  • Melisa Vázquez as Letty
  • Ramon Vázquez as Bouncer
  • Mahya Veray as Draga #2 - "c.c. red"

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