12 Imaginary Inches

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12 Imaginary Inches
12 Imaginary Inches.jpg
Studio album by The Stitches
Released December 17, 2002
Genre punk rock
Length 27:36
Label TKO Records
The Stitches chronology
12 Imaginary Inches
You Better Shut Up and Listen

12 Imaginary Inches is an album released by the 1970s-style Orange County, California, punk rock band The Stitches.

Track listing[edit]

Original CD
1."I Don't Know"1:50
2."Electroshock Carol"1:56
3."Foreign Currency"2:20
4."Pick Me Up"2:19
5."Better Looks (When You Were Dead)"2:10
6."Kings of Camden"1:56
7."2 O'Clock Shakedown"1:55
8."Brains on Vacation"1:56
9."Cars of Today"2:47
12."Kids Go Wild"3:09
Total length:27:36

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