12 Odd Future Songs

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12 Odd Future Songs
12 Odd Future Songs.jpg
Compilation album by Odd Future
Released October 3, 2011
Recorded 2007–11
Length 48:01
Label Odd Future
Odd Future chronology
12 Odd Future Songs
The OF Tape Vol. 2

12 Odd Future Songs is a compilation album by hip hop collective Odd Future; it was released exclusively through iTunes on October 3, 2011.[1] The album is made up of 10 songs previously released by members of Odd Future, and 3 new songs; The Internet's "They Say" (later featured on Purple Naked Ladies), "Forest Green" by Mike G (later featured on The OF Tape Vol. 2) and MellowHype's "67", a song exclusive to the compilation. Although it is titled 12 Odd Future Songs, there are 13 tracks on the compilation.

Track listing[edit]

No. Title Producer(s) Length
1. "Bastard" (Tyler, the Creator) Tyler, the Creator 6:09
2. "67" (MellowHype) Left Brain 3:38
3. "Forest Green" (Mike G) Left Brain 3:04
4. "Welcome Home Son" (The Jet Age of Tomorrow featuring Tyler, the Creator and Casey Veggies) The Super 3 2:54
5. "French!" (Tyler, the Creator featuring Hodgy Beats) Tyler, the Creator 4:03
6. "Rolling Papers" (Domo Genesis featuring Tyler, the Creator) Tyler, the Creator 2:52
7. "King" (Mike G) Syd tha Kyd 3:06
8. "BankRolls" (MellowHype) Left Brain 3:50
9. "But She's Not My Lover" (The Jet Age of Tomorrow) The Super 3 3:21
10. "VCR / Wheels" (Tyler, the Creator) Tyler, the Creator 3:28
11. "SteamRoller" (Domo Genesis featuring Hodgy Beats and Frank Ocean) Tyler, the Creator 4:42
12. "rokRok" (MellowHype) Left Brain 3:40
13. "They Say" (The Internet featuring Tay Walker)


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