12 Tiny Christmas Tales

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12 Tiny Christmas Tales
12 Tiny Christmas Tales.jpg
Promotional poster for TV special
Genre Christmas
Created by Bill Plympton
Directed by Bill Plympton
Voices of Madelon Thomas
Billy Schneider
Madeline Rogan
Peter Dylan Rogan
Pete Zarustica
Tony Carroll
Rebecca Honig
Sheldonna Smythe
Bill Plympton and Maureen McElheron (additionals)
Composer(s) Maureen McElheron
Country of origin United States
Original language(s) English
Producer(s) Maureen McElheron and John Holderried (associates)
Cinematography John Donnelly
Editor(s) Anthony Arcidi
Running time 22 minutes
Production company(s) Plymptoons Studio Productions
Original network Cartoon Network
First shown in December 7, 2001

12 Tiny Christmas Tales (stylized onscreen as 12 tiny Christmas tales) is an American Christmas animated short film, that which was broadcast on Cartoon Network on December 7, 2001.[1] It was created, animated and directed by Bill Plympton.


A grandmother tells her three grandchildren increasing bizarre stories of Christmas.


The stories are based on eight-panel sequences from Christmas cards Plympton began drawing for his parents in 1964.[2]

  • Victor the Tree
  • Cecil the Snowman
  • Blitzen
  • The 12 Days of Christmas
  • A Little Veggie Christmas
  • The Killer Snowflake
  • Lester the Loud Tie
  • The Dancing Bear and the King
  • The Boy Who Loved Christmas
  • The Peddler and the Donkey
  • The Plucky Present
  • The Carolers


In this film there are nine original songs, which were written and executive-produced by Maureen McElheron. Hank Bones instead served as a producer. Finally, "Kalinka" was the only famous song inserted into it.

  1. "Cecil the Snowman"
  2. "Remember Christmas"
  3. "Victor the Tree"
  4. "Blitzen's Theme"
  5. "Everyday's a Holiday"
  6. "Donkey and Peddler"
  7. "Plucky Present"
  8. "Killer Snowflake"
  9. "Veggie Christmas"
  10. "Kalinka" (traditional version)


  • Animated & Directed by: Bill Plympton
  • Camera: John Donnelly
  • Editor: Anthony Arcidi
  • Sound: Georgia Hilton
  • Associate Producers: Maureen McElheron and John Holderried
  • Music Producer: Hank Bones
  • Art Supervisor: Signe Baumane
  • Artists: Jesse Schmall, Andrea Breitman, Sasha Vetrov, Lori Samsel, Celia Bullwinkel, Rose Bevans
  • Voices: Madelon Thomas, Billy Schneider, Madeline Rogan, Peter Dylan Rogan, Pete Zarustica, Tony Carroll, Rebecca Honig, Sheldonna Smythe, Bill Plympton, Maureen McElheron
  • Plymptoons


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