12 de Janeiro

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12 de Janeiro
NR 12J.jpg
Studio album by Nando Reis
Released 1994
Recorded 1994, at the Estúdios Cia. dos Técnicos (RJ)
Genre Rock
Label WEA
Producer Nando Reis
Nando Reis chronology
12 de Janeiro
Para Quando o Arco-Íris Encontrar o Pote de Ouro

12 de Janeiro (January 12th) is the first solo album released by Brazilian musician Nando Reis. The track "E.T.C" was later recorded live by Cássia Eller on her Acústico MTV album, and became a big hit.[clarification needed] Until November 1995, it had sold 25,000 copies, a disappointment for Reis, who considered that the label was to blame because "some songs performed well on the radio, but there were no CDs at the stores".[1] By August 1997, it had reached the 27,300 mark.[2]

The track "Meu Aniversário" was composed as a heavier version for Titãs' 1993 album Titanomaquia, but the band rejected it because it was still too light and different from the rest of the tracks. Nevertheless, it was featured at the band's rarities compilation album E-collection.[3] The track "Bom Dia" was inspired by his children Theodoro and Sophia.[4]

Track listing[edit]

All music composed by Nando Reis, unless otherwise noted.

No.TitleMusicEnglish TranslationLength
1."Bom Dia" Good Morning4:35
2."Meu Aniversário" My Birthday3:07
3."Me Diga" Tell Me4:02
4."Do Itaim Para O Candeal" From Itaim to Candeal3:46
5."Foi Embora" It's gone3:47
6."O seu lado de cá" Your this side4:51
7."Fiz o Que Pude" I've Done What I Could3:21
8."A Fila"Nando Reis and Marcelo FromerThe Line3:26
9."E.C.T."Nando Reis, Carlinhos Brown and Marisa Monte 3:43
10."Para Querer"Nando Reis and Marisa MonteIn order to Want3:58
11."A Urca"  3:12
12."A Menina e o Passarinho" The Girl and the Birdy6:42


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