12 de Octubre (Panama Metro)

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12 de Octubre
Panama Metro station
12 de Octubre, Panama metro.jpg
Location Panama
Platforms 2
Opened 6 April 2014 (2014-04-06)

12 de Octubre is a Panama Metro station on Line 1. Construction of the station began on 17 March 2012[1][2] and it was one of the first 11 stations when the metro began operations on 6 April 2014.[3] It is the first of six elevated stations when travelling towards the terminus of San Isidro.[2]

Located in the district of the same name, the station is the closest to Panamá Viejo, the original site of Panama city.[4] In its first year of operations, 12 de Octubre was the eighth most used station of the twelve on the network at that time, carrying 8% of the system's users at peak times.[5]


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