12th Army (Austria-Hungary)

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The 12th Army was a field army-level command of the Austro-Hungarian Army that existed only for one month during World War I, led by Archduke Karl Franz Joseph. It had been formed in response to the success of the Russian Empire's Brusilov Offensive, and was dissolved upon the formation of by Army Group Archduke Karl.


The Austro-Hungarian 12th Army was formed on the Eastern Front on 4 July 1916, and its commander was Archduke Karl Franz Joseph, the future Emperor of Austria. The 12th Army was again disbanded on 13 August 1916, around the time when the Archduke became commander of the Army Group Archduke Karl, fighting against the Russian Empire and Romania.[1][2]


Rank Name From To
1 Field Marshal Archduke Karl Franz Joseph[1] 4 July 1916 13 August 1916

Chiefs of staff[edit]

Rank Name From To
1 Major General Alfred von Waldstätten[2] 4 July 1916 13 August 1916


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