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The 12th Cook Islands Parliament was a term of the Parliament of the Cook Islands. Its composition was determined by the 2006 elections, held on September 27, 2006. It was dissolved for the 2010 election on 24 September 2010.[1]

Due to an electoral petition declaring the election of Robert Wigmore invalid, the 12th Parliament initially consisted of only 23 members. A by-election was held for the vacant Titikaveka seat on 7 February 2007, and Wigmore was re-elected.[2]

Due to a large number of electoral petitions and the need for a by-election to resolve the tied seat of Akaoa, the Parliament did not meet for the first time until December 2006.[3]

Of the 24 Members of Parliament, three were women.[4] The Speaker of the 12th Parliament was Mapu Taia.

Initial party standings[edit]

e • d Summary of the 26 September 2006 Cook Islands election results
Parties Votes % Seats
Democratic Party 4,420 52% 14
Cook Islands Party 3,846 45.3% 7
Independents 231 2.7% 2
Total 8,497 84.4 23
Source: Final results of the Cook Islands election 2006

The electorate of Akaoa was tied, resulting in a by-election.


Initial MPs[edit]

Name Party Electorate Term
Teina Bishop CIP Arutanga/Nikaupara/Reureu Third
Cassey Eggelton DP Matavera First
Norman George CIP Teenui-Mapumai Sixth
Nandi Glassie CIP Tengatangi/Areora/Ngatiarua First
William (Smiley) Heather DP Ruaau First
Teariki Heather CIP Akaoa Second
Kete Ioane DP Vaipae/Tautu Third
Terepai Maoate DP Ngatangiia Seventh
Terepai Maoate Jnr DP Amuri/Ureia Second
Tom Marsters CIP Murienua Fifth
Jim Marurai DP Ivirua Fourth
Ngamau Munokoa DP Nikao/Panama Fourth
Albert (Peto) Nicholas CIP Avatiu/Ruatonga Fourth
Mii Parima CIP Tamarua Fourth
Vai Peua Independent Pukapuka/Nassau First
Winton Pickering DP Oneroa Second
Apii Piho DP Manihiki First
Wilkie Rasmussen DP Penrhyn Third
Piho Rua Independent Rakahanga Second
Mapu Taia DP Mauke Third
John Tangi DP Tupapa/Maraerenga First
Ngai Tupa DP Takuvaine/Tutakimoa First
Tangata Vavia DP Mitiaro Fourth

New members[edit]

Name Party Electorate Term
Robert Wigmore DP Titikaveka Second
Pukeiti Pukeiti CIP Tamarua First

Summary of changes[edit]


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