12th Indian Brigade

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12th Indian Brigade
Active January 1915 – March 1919
Country  British India
Allegiance British Crown
Branch  British Indian Army
Type Infantry
Size Brigade
Part of 12th Indian Division
15th Indian Division

First World War

Mesopotamian Campaign
Capture of Ramadi
Action of Khan Baghdadi
Br.-Gen. Edmund Costello VC

The 12th Indian Brigade was an infantry brigade of the British Indian Army that saw active service in the First World War. It served in the Mesopotamian Campaign on the Euphrates Front throughout its existence.


The 12th Indian Brigade was formed at Nasirabad in 5th (Mhow) Division in January 1915.[1] It was transferred to Mesopotamia and joined the 12th Indian Division on formation at the end of March.[2]

12th Indian Division

With the division, the brigade took part in the Actions for Nasiriya (5, 13 – 14, 24 July) and the Occupation of Nasiriya (25 July) in 1915 and the Affair of Butaniya on 14 January 1916. The division never reached full strength as units were constantly detached to support the efforts to relieve the 6th (Poona) Division besieged at Kut.[2] The division was broken up on 10 March 1916 and the brigade was posted to the new 15th Indian Division in May 1916.[3]

15th Indian Division

The 15th Indian Division was formed on 7 May 1916 to replace the 12th Indian Division on the Euphrates Front; the brigade joined the division on formation. It remained with the division on the Euphrates Front until the end of the war. The brigade took part in the Action of As Sahilan (11 September 1916), the Capture of Ramadi (28 and 29 September 1917), the Occupation of Hīt (9 March 1918) and the Action of Khan Baghdadi (26 and 27 March 1918).[4]

At the end of the war, the division was rapidly run down and it (along with the brigade) was disbanded in March 1919.[4]

Order of battle[edit]

The brigade commanded the following units in the First World War:[3][5]


The brigade had the following commanders:[6][7]

From Rank Name Notes
19 January 1915 Brigadier-General K.E. Lean sick, 29 May 1915
29 May 1915 Lieutenant-Colonel H.A. Dunlop temporary
31 July 1915 Brigadier-General C.L. Macnab
20 September 1915 Brigadier-General H.T. Brooking
11 May 1916 Lieutenant-Colonel W.L. Malcolm temporary
16 June 1916 Brigadier-General F.P.S. Dunsford sick, 19 February 1918
19 February 1918 Lieutenant-Colonel Hon. A.G. Brodrick temporary
4 May 1918 Brigadier-General E.W. Costello VC

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