12th Indian Cavalry Brigade

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12th Indian Cavalry Brigade
Active June 1918 –
Country  British India
Allegiance British Crown
Branch  British Indian Army
Type Cavalry
Size Brigade
Part of 4th (Quetta) Division
Service First World War

The 12th Indian Cavalry Brigade was a cavalry brigade of the British Indian Army that formed part of the Indian Army during the First World War. It remained in India throughout the war.


The 12th Indian Cavalry Brigade[a] was formed under 4th (Quetta) Division in June 1918.[1] It took command of three newly formed cavalry regiments:[2]

The brigade remained with the division throughout the First World War. It was commanded from 27 June 1918 by Brigadier-General H.B. Birdwood.[1] All three constituent regiments were disbanded in 1921.[4]

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  1. ^ Perry also names the brigade as 12th Mounted Brigade.[1][2]


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