12th Jungle Brigade (Argentina)

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12th Jungle Brigade
Brigada de Monte XII
Active 26 November 1979 - present
Country Argentina
Branch Argentine Army
Type Combined arms
Role Jungle warfare
Size Brigade
Part of 1st Army Division
Garrison/HQ Posadas, Misiones
Patron General Manuel Obligado
Equipment Browning Hi-Power 9 mm
FN FAL 7,62 mm
FN MAG 7,62 mm
Engagements Operativo Independencia
Falklands War
Colonel Juan Antonio Zamora[1]
Aircraft flown
Helicopter Bell UH-1 Iroquois

The 12th Jungle Brigade (Spanish: Brigada de Monte 12) is a military unit of the Argentine Army specialised in jungle warfare. Its headquarters are at Posadas, Misiones Province.

Order of battle[edit]


During the 20th century, the Argentine Army gradually established units in the jungle, they were very incipient in their specialization due to a lack of doctrine, until 1979, when the nucleus of the 12th Infantry Brigade was created by superior resolution.[2] The 12th Brigade was constituted by:

  • 18th Infantry Regiment
  • 30th Infantry Regiment
  • 12th Artillery Group
  • 12th Armored Cavalry Exploration Squadron
  • 12th Company of Engineers
  • 12th Company of Construction Engineers
  • 12th Communications Company

The Command of the Brigade had as its first seat the barracks of the Recruitment and Mobilization Division "Misiones" and General Headquarters in the city of Posadas; in 1981 it occupies the current building on 1936 San Martín Street.

Its jurisdiction covers the following provinces: North of Corrientes Chaco Formosa Misiones In the latter, most of its Dependent Elements are found.

In December of 1985 the 7th Infantry Brigade was dissolved with a seat in the city of Corrientes, whose dependent units became part of the 12th Infantry Brigade.


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