12th Jungle Brigade (Argentina)

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12th Jungle Brigade
Brigada de Monte XII
Active 26 November 1979 - present
Country Argentina
Branch Argentine Army
Type Combined arms
Role Jungle warfare
Size Brigade
Part of 1st Army Division
Garrison/HQ Posadas, Misiones
Patron General Manuel Obligado
Equipment Browning Hi-Power 9 mm
FN FAL 7,62 mm
FN MAG 7,62 mm
Engagements Operativo Independencia
Falklands War
Colonel Juan Antonio Zamora[1]
Aircraft flown
Helicopter Bell UH-1 Iroquois

The 12th Jungle Brigade (Spanish: Brigada de Monte 12) is a military unit of the Argentine Army specialised in jungle warfare. Its headquarters are at Posadas, Misiones Province.

Order of battle[edit]


During the 20th century, the Argentine Army gradually established units in the jungle. They were very incipient in their specialization due to a lack of doctrine, until 1979, when the nucleus of the 12th Infantry Brigade was created by superior resolution.[2] The 12th Brigade was constituted by:

  • 18th Infantry Regiment
  • 30th Infantry Regiment
  • 12th Artillery Group
  • 12th Armored Cavalry Exploration Squadron
  • 12th Company of Engineers
  • 12th Company of Construction Engineers
  • 12th Communications Company

The Command of the Brigade had as its first seat the barracks of the Recruitment and Mobilization Division "Misiones" and General Headquarters in the city of Posadas. In 1981 it occupies the current building on 1936 San Martín Street.

Its jurisdiction covers the following provinces: North of Corrientes Chaco Formosa Misiones In the latter, most of its Dependent Elements are found.

In December of 1985 the 7th Infantry Brigade was dissolved with a seat in the city of Corrientes, whose dependent units became part of the 12th Infantry Brigade.


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