12th Military Transport Aviation Division

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12th Long Range Aviation Division (May 1943 – 26 Dec 1944)

12th Bomber Aviation Division (26 Dec 1944 – 27 Apr 1946)
12th Transport Aviation Division (27 Apr 1946 – 12 Oct 1955)

12th Military Transport Aviation Division (12 Oct 1955 – 2009)
Active 1943–2009

 Soviet Union (1943–1991)

 Russia (1992–2009)

Soviet Air Force (1943–1991)

Russian Air Force (1992–2009)
Type Bomber (former), Transport
Size Aviation division
Garrison/HQ Migalovo (1946–2009)

World War II

Decorations Order of the red Banner OBVERSE.jpgOrder of the Red Banner
Battle honours Mga

The 12th Mginskaya Red Banner Military Transport Aviation Division was a formation of the 61st Air Army of the Supreme Command of the Air Forces of the Russian Federation.

The division was formed on 5 May 1943 as the 12th Air Division Long Range at Monino, equipped with Li-2 aircraft.[1] On 1 August 1943 it was subordinate of the 7th Aviation Corps Long Range.[2] It received its name for the successful accomplishment of combat missions in the battle against the Nazi invaders and the release of Mga, Leningrad Oblast. On 26 December 1944, it became the 12th Bomber Aviation Division.[3]

Renamed 12th Transport Aviation Division in 1946. On 12.10.55 renamed 12th Military-Transport Aviation Division and made part of Military Transport Aviation. In 1970 comprised:[3]

  • 374th Military-Transport Aviation Regiment (Tula, Tula Oblast) with An-12
  • 566th Military-Transport Aviation Regiment (Seshcha, Bryansk Oblast) with An-12
  • 229th Military-Transport Aviation Regiment (Ivanovo, Ivanovo Oblast) with An-22
  • 8th Military-Transport Aviation Regiment (Seshcha, Bryansk Oblast) with An-12

In 1998 with the rest of VTA became part of 61st Air Army. Based at the Migalovo airfield (Tver), from 1946, and disbanded probably 2009. The division used An-22, Il-76, and An-124 aircraft.[3]

It is now the 6955th Air Base.[4]


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