12th Observation Group

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12th Observation Group
12th Observation Group - Emblem.png
12th Observation Group Distinctive Unit Insigne
Active 1 Oct 1930 – 30 Jun 1937
Country  United States
Branch  United States Air Force
Type group
Role Reconnaissance
Part of Eighth Corps Area

The 12th Reconnaissance Group is a disbanded United States Air Force unit. It was last active as the 12th Observation Group assigned to the Eighth Corps Area of the United States Army at Brooks Field, Texas. It was inactivated on 30 June 1937.[1]

The 12th Observation Group was a United States Army Air Corps interwar-period unit. It commanded O-1, O-2 and O-19 observation squadrons in the Western United States. In 1936 its headquarters was combined with its support squadron, the 62d Service Squadron. Prior to its activation, these squadrons has been assigned to various Army ground units. Upon its inactivation, its personnel were transferred to the 82d Observation Squadron.[1]


  • Constituted as the 12th Group (Composite) 6 February 1923
Redesignated 12th Observation Group in 1924
  • Activated on 1 October 1930
Consolidated with the 62d Service Squadron on 1 September 1936
Consolidated with the 62d Aero Squadron on 1 December 1936
  • Inactivated on 1 June 1937
Redesignated 12th Reconnaissance Group on 1 January 1938 (remained inactive)
  • Disbanded on 15 June 1983[1]


  • IV Corps Air Service: 6 February 1923 (in inactive status)
  • Fourth Corps Area: 19 June 1927 (remained inactive)
  • Eighth Corps Area: 14 January 1929 (remained inactive)
  • Ninth Corps Area: 14 January 1929 (remained inactive)
  • Eighth Corps Area: 1 October 1930 – 1 June 1937[1]





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