12th Parliament of Singapore

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12th Parliament of Singapore
Majority parliament
10 October 2011 – 25 August 2015
Seating plan of the 12th Parliament of Singapore.svg
Seating arrangements of the House
Speaker of Parliament
Leader of the
1st Session
10 October 2011–15 April 2014
2nd Session
16 May 2014–25 August 2015
12th Cabinet
Lee Hsien Loong
10 October 2011–present
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The 12th Parliament of Singapore was the previous Parliament of Singapore that began on October 10, 2011 and was dissolved on August 25, 2015.[2][3] The membership was set by the 2011 Singapore General Election on May 7, 2011 and changed three times due to expulsion of Hougang Single Member Constituency MP in 2012 and resignation of Punggol East Single Member Constituency MP and Speaker of Parliament over extra-marital affairs in 2013, as well as the Death of Lee Kuan Yew, former Prime Minister of Singapore and MP of Tanjong Pagar Group Representation Constituency.

The 12th Parliament was controlled by a People's Action Party majority, led by Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong and members of the cabinet, which assumed power on May 7, 2011. The Opposition was led by the Secretary General of the Worker's Party of Singapore, Mr Low Thia Khiang. The Speaker of the Parliament of Singapore was Halimah Yacob, of the People's Action Party. She was elected as the 9th Speaker of the House for the 12th Parliament on January 14, 2013.

Result of the Singapore General Election, 2011[edit]

e • d Summary of the 7 May 2011 Parliament of Singapore election results[4]
Parties and alliances Leader Contested seats Seats won Popular vote % of valid votes +/- % of valid votes in contested wards +/-
PAP logo variation.png People's Action Party Lee Hsien Loong 87 81 1,212,154 60.14
Decrease 6.46 60.14
Decrease 6.46
WP logo variation.png Workers' Party Low Thia Khiang 23 6 258,510 12.82
Decrease 3.51 46.58
Increase 8.15
NSP logo variation.png National Solidarity Party Goh Meng Seng 24 0 242,682 12.04
Decrease 0.95* 39.25
Increase 6.37*
SDP logo variation.png Singapore Democratic Party Chee Soon Juan 11 0 97,369 4.83
Increase 0.76 36.76
Increase 13.53
RP logo variation.png Reform Party Kenneth Jeyaretnam 11 0 86,294 4.28
New party 31.78
New party
Spp-logo-2.png Singapore People's Party Chiam See Tong 7 0 62,639 3.11
Decrease 9.88* 41.42
Increase 8.90*
SDA logo variation.png Singapore Democratic Alliance Desmond Lim 7 0 55,988 2.78
Decrease 10.21 30.06
Decrease 2.46
Valid votes 87 2,015,636 97.83% of total votes cast
Invalid (e.g. blank or spoilt) votes 44,737 2.17% of total votes cast
Total votes cast 2,060,373 Voter turnout: 93.18% of eligible voters
Did not vote 150,729
Eligible voters (excluding walkover voters) 2,211,102
Walkover voters (all from Tanjong Pagar GRC) 139,771
Electorate 2,350,873
Includes uncontested victories.
* Formerly a constituent party of Singapore Democratic Alliance. Swings reflected are from the SDA's 2006 vote share.

The Workers' Party and the Singapore People's Party, being the best performing opposition parties were awarded 2 and 1 Non-Constituency Member of Parliament Seat respectively in accordance with the Constitution. The NCMP Seats are currently held by Gerald Giam Yean Song and Yee Jenn Jong of the Workers' Party and Lina Chiam of Singapore People's Party.



  • Michael Palmer (the People's Action Party MP for Punggol East SMC) was elected Speaker of the Parliament on October 10, 2011. He resigned on December 14, 2012, due to an extramarital affair. [5]
  • Charles Chong of the People's Action Party, MP of Joo Chiat SMC was designated as Acting Speaker of the Parliament on December 14, 2012, by Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong. He was succeeded by Halimah Yacob on January 14, 2013.
  • Halimah Yacob of the People's Action Party, MP of Jurong GRC was elected Speaker of Parliament on January 14, 2013.
  • Charles Chong and Seah Kian Peng of the People's Action Party are elected Deputy Speaker of the parliament on 17 October 2011.


House Leaders[edit]




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