1300 Oslo

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1300 Oslo
Also known as Oslo 13
Origin Oslo, Norway
Genres Jazz and big bands
Years active 1980-1993
Labels Odin Records, Curling Legs, ECM Records
Members Bror Hagemann, Nils Petter Molvær, Jens Petter Antonsen, Staffan Svensson, Geir Hauger, Torbjørn Sunde, Dag Einar Eilertsen, Thor Bjørn Neby, Geir Løvold, Morten Halle, Tore Brunborg, Odd Riisnæs, Nancy Sandvold, Erik Balke, Olav Dale, Arne Frang, Trygve Seim, Thomas Gustavsson, Rune Nicolaysen, Audun Kleive, Jon Christensen, Carl Morten Iversen, Jon Balke

1300 Oslo (active from 1979 in Oslo, Norway) was a Norwegian jazz band originally called Oslo 13 (1979–93), founded and operated the first two years by Bror Hagemann and continuated by Jon Balke.[1] In 1994 the band got a joint leadership with Trygve Seim, Morten Halle and Torbjørn Sunde, and changed their name.[2]

The band's first release was the album Anti-therapy (1981). Oslo 13 was awarded Spellemannprisen in 1988 for the album Off balance.[3] The follow up Nonsentration (1992) also was an acclaimed album. The last album from Oslo 13 was a live album from 1992.

Band members[edit]



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Preceded by
Bjørn Johansen
Recipient of the Jazz Spellemannprisen
Succeeded by
Egil Kapstad