1300th Anniversary of the Bulgarian State

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1300th Anniversary of the Bulgarian State
Coat of arms of Bulgaria (1971-1990).svg
Date 1981
Also known as 1300-та годишнина на българската държава
Participants Bulgarian Communist Party
Bulgarian People's Army
Bulgarian Diaspora

The 1300th Anniversary of the Bulgarian State was a yearlong celebration in 1981 when the People's Republic of Bulgaria celebrated the 1300th anniversary of establishing of the First Bulgarian State, the first Bulgarian state in modern history.[1][2][3] 23,000 events were connected with the 1300th centenary were planned.[4]

Things made in honour of the anniversary[edit]






Tournament of Bulgaria

The Military Parade[edit]

The parade took place on Sofia's September 9th Square. The parade inspector was the Minister of People's Defence of Bulgaria, General of the Army Dorbri Dzhurov.[8] The parade commander was Colonel General Hristo Dobrev, the Chief of the General Staff of the Bulgarian People's Army.[9] Attending the parade was the General Secretary of the Bulgarian Communist Party Todor Zhivkov.

Full Order of the March Past[edit]

Military Bands[edit]

Ground Column[edit]

Commemorative coins and awards[edit]

At least 20 commemorative coins were made in 1981 honoring the anniversary. An award, the Order "13 Centuries of Bulgaria",[10] and a medal, Medal "1300th Anniversary Of Bulgaria" were issued on October 16, 1981 in honor of the anniversary.[11]

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