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Events from the year 1305 in the Kingdom of Scotland.


  • May – a parliament meets in Perth to elect the Scottish delegation to the Westminster parliament.
  • 5 August – John de Menteith, a Scottish knight loyal to King Edward of England, captures William Wallace and turns him over to English soldiers at Robroyston.
  • September – parliament meets and spends 20 days drafting an ordinance for Scottish administration.[1] John of Brittany is appointed to serve as Guardian, assisted by a council of 22 Scottish aristocrats.[2]
  • Approximate date – Scottish physician Bernard Gordon writes his short treatise Lilium medicinae which will become the first known book by a Scot to be printed (c. 1480 in Paris).


  • 23 August – William Wallace, landowner and leader of Scottish resistance. Executed in London.

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