130 K 90-60

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130 K 90-60
TypeField gun
Place of originFinland
Weightcombat: 10,150 kg
Barrel lengthbore: 52.7 calibres

Caliber130 mm
Breechhorizontal, half-automatic
Rate of fire8 rounds per minute

The 130 K 90-60 is a Finnish towed 130 mm coastal artillery piece, manufactured in the 1980s by Vammas.


The development process for the 130 K 90-60 began in 1960 when the Finnish company Tampella presented their concept of a new 122 mm gun for the Finnish Army. This gun was called 122 K 60. It was a sound concept, but quite a heavy gun. It was only ordered in small numbers and it was never part of the war-time inventory.

15 guns were later modified by Vammas in the late 1980s, giving it a 130 mm calibre barrel. This was done in order to standardize the calibre for the mobile coastal artillery. The new gun was given the designation 130 K 90-60.

The gun carriage design was used for Tampella's 155 mm series, as well as for the Israeli Soltam M-68 gun.


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