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1331 Yonge Street in 2005

1331 Yonge Street was the civic address of an office and studio complex in Toronto, Ontario, Canada, It is located on Yonge Street, three blocks south of St. Clair Avenue. The building previously served as the headquarters of CHUM Radio, a division of CTVglobemedia, and to the studios of the company's Toronto radio stations, CHUM and CHUM-FM.

Originally a book bindery and showroom, the building was renovated in 1959 for CHUM's operations, and also eventually housed CHUM-FM, 1050 CHUM and CHUM Radio's national operations. The most prominent feature of the building's exterior is the famous "CHUM Dial 1050" neon sign over the front entrance.

In July 2008, CTVglobemedia announced that it would sell the building to developer Aspen Ridge Homes for $21.5 million.[1] The stations were expected to move to 250 Richmond Street West, a downtown location located at Richmond Street and Simcoe near 299 Queen Street West, in 2009.[2] The neon sign was moved to the new location.[3]

In preparation for the move, the stations held an open house on November 15, 2008, inviting listeners to visit for a tour of the historic building and an exhibit of CHUM's radio memorabilia.[4]

The company's radio stations were officially relocated to 250 Richmond Street West on August 19, 2009, which is now Bell Media Radio. After the stations moved out, 1331 Yonge Street came under the ownership of Aspen Ridge Homes and was home to their offices, as well as the offices for the advertising agency, "The Brand Factory." In September 2016, the building was officially demolished, in order for a condominium complex to be built on the site.


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