1331 in Ireland

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List of years in Ireland

Events from the year 1331 in Ireland.


  • "A hosting by the Connachtmen, both Foreigner and Gaidhel, into Munster, against Mac Conmara. Pledge and sway were gained by them on Mac Conmara. A church was burned by a party of the host, wherein were two score and one hundred persons, both noble and base and two priests were of them and those all were burned."
  • "Ten of the people of Donnchadh the Swarthy, son of Mael-Shechlainn Carrach Mac Diarmata, were drowned on Loch-Teiched."
  • January 21 Parliament at Dublin
  • February 27 Anthony de Luci appointed justicier
  • March 3 William de Burgh, Earl of Ulster, appointed lieutenant. Ordinances for Conduct of Irish government includes a decree that there should be one law for Irish and Anglo-Irish, except for betaghs
  • April 21 Irish raid and capture Arklow
  • c.April 25 Irish raid Tallaght
  • Irish raids in County Wexford.
  • July 1 Irish Parliament meets at Dublin
  • August Irish raid and capture Ferns
  • August 16 Earl of Desmond captured by Justiciar at Limerick
  • Edward III plans expedition to Ireland for 1332
  • September Henry de Mandeville arrested
  • Walter de Burgh defeats Tommaltach Mac Diarmata in Moylurg
  • November Walter de Burgh arrested and imprisoned by the Earl of Ulster



  • Tadhg mac Cathal mac Domnall Ua Conchobair rested in Christ