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The organisation's name refers to the 1389 Battle of Kosovo. (16th century Russian miniature)

The 1389 Movement (Serbian: Српски народни покрет 1389/Srpski narodni pokret 1389, СНП 1389/SNP 1389) is a Serbian far-right group[1] that self-identifies as an anti-fascistic youth movement.[2] The organization is non-governmental and non-profit, and follows a Serbian nationalist agenda. The organization opposes Serbian political integration and involvement with the West.

The name was adopted from the Battle of Kosovo (1389). The group holds 'patriotic values', according to representatives these being opposition to EU and NATO, gay rights (it is a vocal opponent of the Pride march) and corruption, support for compulsory military service.[1] It sees integration with EU and NATO as acts against 'a free Serbia'.[3] Instead, the group supports Eurasian integration. It advocates unification of Serb territories and strongly opposes the 2013 Brussels Agreement and normalization of relations with the Republic of Kosovo.[1]



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