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Industry Taxi
Headquarters Australia
Area served
Website www.13cabs.com.au
13cabs Head Office in Oakleigh, Victoria

13cabs is a taxi network service provider (NSP) operating in Adelaide,[1] Brisbane,[2] Hobart,[3] Melbourne,[4] Newcastle[5] and Sydney.[6] 13cabs is a form of the telephone alpha-numeric 13 2227. 13cabs has offices in Alexandria,[6] Carrum Downs,[7] Glandore,[6] Mayfield West,[5] Moonah,[3] North Melbourne,[7] Oakleigh,[7] Preston[7] and Prestons[8] and is owned by Cabcharge,[9][10] which also operates about 7,400 taxis through a number of companies or entities, including:

  • ABC Taxis
  • Apple Taxis
  • Arrow Taxis
  • Black Cabs Combined Pty Ltd
  • Embassy Taxis
  • Lime Taxis
  • Maxi Taxis
  • North Suburban Taxis
  • Newcastle Taxis
  • Taxis Combined Services
  • 13cabs Warrnambool
  • Yarra Valley Taxis
  • Yellow Cabs Brisbane


On 28 July 2010 13CABS released the TaxiTracker feature for their smartphone app,[11] which allows the public to track taxis they get into by storing on a secure server at 13CABS a photo of the taxi registration number together with a time stamp and the GPS coordinates of where the image was taken, known as geotagging. The feature is available on iPhone, Android and Windows 7 apps.

"Scare campaign" controversy[edit]

In June 2012 13cabs came under public scrutiny for releasing what was dubbed as a scare campaign targeting young women.[12] The campaign was a response to the Taxi Industry Inquiry recommendation that unmarked mini-cabs, similar to those in London, be released in Melbourne.

The campaign was stopped due to public feedback, including a petition against it.[13]

Tiger Team[edit]

After findings during the Taxi Industry Inquiry highlighted major concerns regarding taxi driver safety, 13CABS began an initiative with private security companies to protect taxi drivers called Tiger Team, launched on 17 October 2012. Tiger Team was designed as a response to the rising number of attacks on Melbourne taxi drivers.[14] Each team is composed of a taxi industry expert, there to mediate any disputes, and an accredited security guard who circles the Melbourne central business district attending to any instances where taxi drivers require assistance with aggressive passengers.[15]

Tiger Team was criticised prior to its launch, most notably being referred to by Professor Allan Fels as vigilante teams.[16] However, this comparison was stated as being premature by Victorian Premier Ted Ballieu who noted that the teams would be monitored closely by both police and the government.[16] On 2 May 2013, Tiger Team was awarded the ASIAL Award for Excellence in the Special Security Project field.[17]

13cabs Warrnambool[edit]

On 19 May 2013, seven Warrnambool taxis broke away from Warrnambool Radio Taxis and joined 13cabs to become 13CABS Warrnambool. Controversy related to the separation arose as it was the first major split among Warrnambool taxi operators since Warrnambool Radio Taxis was established in 1985.[18]

The move brought new technology to the 13cabs Warrnambool drivers and customers, including satellite navigation, smartphone booking apps, online bookings and a 24/7 call centre.[19]


CABSTOP was launched by 13cabs on 10 September 2013 to enable bookings to be made on Twitter, claimed to be the world’s first taxi company to do so.[20]

CABSTOP users register at CABSTOP.com.au and are provided with a CABSTOP code. The user then books a cab by texting the code to 0431 132 227 or direct messaging the code to @13CABS on Twitter.[21]

By the time CABSTOP launched more than 40 signs had been distributed at public venues with CABSTOP codes.[20]

2013-2014 Monash Business awards[edit]

On 25 July 2014,[22] 13cabs was awarded the Monash Business Awards Business of the Year 2013-2014.


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