13 Days to Die

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Der Fluch des schwarzen Rubin
Der Fluch des schwarzen Rubin.jpg
Directed by Alberto Cardone, Manfred R. Köhler
Produced by Wolf C. Hartwig
Written by Manfred R. Köhler
Starring Thomas Alder
Horst Frank
Peter Carsten
Music by Gert Wilden
Cinematography Klaus von Rautenfeld
Edited by Herbert Taschner
Release date
  • April 17, 1965 (1965-04-17)
Country Italy, West Germany
Language Italian, German

13 Days to Die or Der Fluch des schwarzen Rubin is a 1965 Italian and West German spy film drama, directed by Alberto Cardone and Manfred R. Köhler. The film was based on an updated pre-World War II German pulp fiction character named Rolf Torring.


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