13 Faces of Death

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13 Faces Of Death
Embalmer - 13 Faces of Death.jpg
Studio album by Embalmer
Released October 13, 2006
Genre Death metal
Length 43:37
Label Pathos
Embalmer chronology
There Was Blood Everywhere
13 Faces Of Death
Collection Of Carnage

13th Faces of Death was an album released by the death metal band Embalmer on October 13, 2006. It was the band's first and only full-length album. A number of songs, including "Rotten Body Fluids," "There Was Blood Everywhere," and "Into the Oven," were re-recorded for this full-length album.

Reviews weren't generally positive, such as one from CD Baby that claimed that 13 Faces Of Death is "guaranteed to peel back your eggs." [1]

Track listing[edit]

1."Scourged of Your Innocence"5:07
2."They Can Smell Our Blood"4:31
3."Beheaded Without A Drop Spilt"2:50
4."Limbs In The Grinder"2:21
5."Vengeance Through Homicide"3:23
6."Mutilation At The Altar"3:34
7."Horrific Distain"4:44
8."Rotten Body Fluids"3:11
9."There Was Blood Everywhere"2:12
10."The More Fuckers Dead, The Better"3:03
11."Into The Oven"4:26
12."Devil's Night"2:30


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