13 Hedgehogs (MxBx Singles 1994–1999)

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13 Hedgehogs
(MxBx Singles 1994–1999)
Compilation album by
ReleasedMay 17, 2005
GenreNoise rock
Punk rock
Melt-Banana chronology
13 Hedgehogs
(MxBx Singles 1994–1999)

Bambi's Dilemma

13 Hedgehogs (MxBx Singles 1994–1999) is the first compilation album by Melt-Banana. It features their first 13 singles, EPs and split records on one CD.[1]

Since Melt-Banana's very first release was a 7" EP called Hedgehog they refer to all their minor releases (singles, EPs and splits) as hedgehogs. This contains the first 13, and so far they have released 23 "hedgehogs".

Track listing[edit]

1."Stick Out"0:48
2."So Unfilial Rule"0:14
3."Mind Thief"1:44
4."Screw, Loose"0:23
6."Pierced Eye"2:11
8."First Defy"0:10
9."Iguana in Trouble"1:26
10."It's in the Pillcase"1:17
11."Rush & Warp"1:04
12."Picnic in Panic"2:00
13."Buddhism Core"0:55
14."Hangnail (Let It Go)"0:39
15."No One Wants Next One"0:38
16."Sicklist on Fire"1:06
17."One Dimensional"0:20
18."Not D, But M, Also S"0:43
19."Mind Thief" (live)1:35
20."P-Pop-Slop" (live)1:29
21."Making Fuss, Fuss, Fuss"0:37
22."Turtle vs. Bunny (Who One?)"0:56
23."Pig to Dog"0:19
24."Bird-Like Monkey in Cave, Singing in Drops"2:06
25."Bad Gut Missed Fist"1:09
26."It's Not My Fault"0:22
27."Neck on Me"0:26
28."Stop the Cook-Cu Test"0:25
29."No Doubt"1:03
30."Scooped Brain in a Cup"1:02
31."Capital 1060"0:53
32."How to Parlare"0:27
33."I Say, 'Shoot!'"0:40
34."Minus-Minus-To One"0:23
35."Call Me Please-6824"0:22
36."Popsy Teeth in Red"0:19
37."Blackout Screen"1:56
38."To Be Continued?"0:24
39."$10 a Pile" (Ax version)2:00
40."Disposable Weathercock" (Helpful 80 Points version)4:05
42."Aquatic Bee"1:51
44."Seesaw Semiology"0:59
45."Cough, Coughed, Coughing"0:54
46."Q For Quinine"1:00
47."Bird-Like-Monkey, Pt. 2"0:07
48."Least Clipper"1:47
49."Baby Buggy Spitted"1:18
50."Drill the Dentist"0:39
51."Last Finger Split"1:47
52."West the Fist (Just For Reflection)"4:04
53."Dead Spex"1:01
54."Sonic Brain Burst"1:11
55."Ether Twisted"1:11
56."Shoot the Moon"0:58

Track information[edit]

  • Tracks 1–6 from Hedgehog 7" EP (Charnel Music, 1994)
  • Tracks 7–9 from split 7" EP w/ God is My Co-Pilot (HG Fact, 1994)
  • Tracks 10–12 from It's In the Pillcase 7" EP (Skin Graft Records, 1995)
  • Tracks 13–18 from split 7" EP w/ Discordance Axis (HG Fact, 1995)
  • Tracks 19–20 from split 7" EP w/ Pencilneck (Anti-Music, 1995)
  • Tracks 21–24 from split 7" EP w/ Target Shoppers (Destroy All Music and Betley Welcome Careful Driver, 1996)
  • Tracks 25–38 from split 10" EP w/ Stilluppsteypa (Fire inc./Something Weird, 1996)
  • Tracks 39–40 from untitled (Piano One) 7" EP (Gentle Giant, 1996)
  • Tracks 41–42 from split 7" EP w/ Plainfield (Smelly Records, 1997)
  • Tracks 43–50 from Eleventh 7" EP (Slap a Ham Records, 1997)
  • Track 51 from split 5" EP w/ Xerobot (Coat-Tail, 1998)
  • Track 52 from split 7" EP w/ Killout Trash (Kool Pop Recordings/Rodel Records, 1998)
  • Tracks 53–56 from Dead Spex 7" EP (HG Fact, 1998)


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