13 Years (Best Of)

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13 Years (Best Of)
13 Years (Best Of).jpeg
Greatest hits album by Herbs
Released 1993
Recorded 1981–1993
Herbs chronology
Long Ago
13 Years (Best Of)
Listen: The Very Best Of

13 Years (Best Of) is a greatest hits album released in 1993 by New Zealand reggae group, Herbs.[1]

Track listing[edit]

1."Karanga Ra" 
2."French Letter" 
3."Sensitive to a Smile" 
4."Long Ago" 
5."Slice of Heaven" (featuring Dave Dobbyn) 
8."Dragons & Demons" 
9."Nuclear Waste" 
10."Light of the Pacific" 
11."No Nukes" 
12."Amazing Grace" 
13."Jah Son" 
15."Azania (Soon Come)" 
16."Till We Kissed" 
17."Rust in Dust" 
18."E Papa" 


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