13th Airmobile Battalion (Ukraine)

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13th Airmobile Battalion
Active1994/95 - present
BranchUkrainian Airmobile Forces
TypeAirmobile Battalion
RoleTake part in peacekeeping operations
Part of95th Airmobile Brigade[1]
Garrison/HQА1910 Zhytomyr[2] Zhytomyr Oblast, Ukraine
EngagementsOperation Iraqi Freedom

The 13th Separate Airmobile Battalion is a formation of the Ukrainian Airmobile Forces. The Battalion is made up of fully professional soldiers.[3] The main purpose of the Battalion is to take part in peacekeeping operations.


  • Staff Company
  • 3 Airmobile Companies[4]
  • Mortar Battery[4]
  • Anti-tank missiles platoon
  • AAD missiles platoon
  • Heavy machineguns platoon
  • Lorry trucks platoon
  • Supply platoon


Member of the Battalion pave served in Iraq and Kosovo.[5]