144th Infantry Regiment (Imperial Japanese Army)

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144th Infantry Regiment
Japan Guam Landing 1941.gif
The main landing by the 144th Infantry Regiment, South Seas Detachment, during the Battle of Guam (1941), painted by Kohei Ezaki
Active 1937 - 1945
Country Empire of Japan
Branch Imperial Japanese Army
Type Infantry

World War II

The 144th Infantry Regiment was an infantry regiment in the Imperial Japanese Army. The regiment was attached to the 55th Division. The regiment participated in the Second Sino-Japanese War and World War II, fighting in the Pacific during a number of battles including those at Guam, Rabaul,[1] and Salamaua. It also participated in the invasion of Buna-Gona, the Kokoda Track campaign and the battle of Buna–Gona.

After being withdrawn to Rabaul, the regiment was transported to Burma to rejoin the 55th Division.


  • 1st Battalion
  • 2nd Battalion
  • 3rd Battalion


  • Lieutenant Colonel Masao Kusunose (????–1942; suicided in 1946)[1]
  • Colonel Yamamoto (1942–1943; killed in action)  


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