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14 Days
14 DAYS poster.jpg
14 DAYS film poster
Directed by Joseph Villapaz
Produced by Joseph Villapaz
Written by Joseph Villapaz
  • Emily Dennis
  • Michael Wetherbee
  • Johanna Finn
  • Liam Wildes
  • Jamie Munsey
  • Tiana Fernandez
  • Cara Maltz
  • Luke Bond
  • Jarrod Luke
  • Alisa Murray
  • Jason Jiang
  • Costin Becheanu
  • Jenny Hutton
  • Sarah Grace Sanders
  • Malin Edengard
  • Shannon Beck
  • Abigail Patrick
  • Gina Berceau
Cinematography Joseph Villapaz
Edited by Joseph Villapaz
Distributed by Shami Media Group
Release date
  • October 19, 2014 (2014-10-19) (Producers Club)
Running time
63 minutes
Country United States
Language English
Budget $10,000

14 DAYS is a 2014 American science fiction experimental film, written and directed by Joseph Villapaz, whose previous films are No One Lives Forever and Love Eterne. It stars Emily Dennis and Michael Wetherbee and takes place in New York City. It has screened at the Alhambra Theatre Film Festival, Motor City Nightmares, NewFilmmakers Spring Screening Series and at the New Jersey Film Festival. It received 4th Place in the Best Sci-Fi Short Film category at the 2015 International Horror Hotel film festival and an honorable mention in the Best Feature Film category at the Los Angeles Film Review Independent Film Awards.


Consisting of a variety of short stories tied together by a larger plot, each segment introduces an issue that the characters deal with. All scenes take place in one location and the audiences view is of the park bench and its immediate area. However, there are some exceptions such as the scene where the thief runs through the city, eventually arriving in the park. There are breaks between days, simulating that nothing interesting happens on some days. The days are titled on screen to indicate a passage of time. Without this, the scenes would appear to occur on the same day because the weather and time of day don't appear to change. However, for scenes that occur right after the previous one, the title is omitted as for scenes for Day 11 - Sisters and Day 13 - Closure.

Day 1 - Coffee[edit]

Josh meets Lita in the park. She appears to be troubled by something so he offers her a cup of coffee to help ease her stress. They engage in a humorous conversation but a paging signal on Lita's phone ruins the atmosphere and the two head off immediately to the destination mentioned in the page.

Day 3 - Moving On[edit]

June is on a train holding a red rose but she becomes distressed when its leaves fall apart. She arrives in the park to meet her husband, Michael. They talk about their children, June's sister's relationships and eventually their own. Michael urges June to move on with her life and put his tragic death behind her. They embrace and have a passionate kiss. Before June leaves, Michael gives her a rose then fades away. As presented, one could speculate that the scene could play out in an infinite loop since June had a rose in the beginning and at the end, in a way representing her failing to break the cycle and move on with her life.

Day 5 - Family[edit]

Trix joins Carmidy for lunch. They enjoy some conversation before Carmidy reveals her desire to have children with her former boyfriend. Trix, all too eager for Carmidy to move forward, agrees then they leave to return to work.

Day 7 - Choice[edit]

Lita and Josh appear again, this time next to a river in the city. After some humorous discussion about pets, Josh reveals that he submitted a request for transfer to a team that specializes in investigating strange and unusual events. Lita becomes visibly and verbally distraught before the paging signal on Josh's phone interrupts and the two go to the scene.

Day 9 - Siblings[edit]

Hope meets brother Destin in the park for an annual family get together. Their brother, Moff, arrives a few minutes later after Hope and Destin talk about his childish past. After being out of touch for a year, each has undergone significant changes. Moff and Destin express their happiness at Hope's slimmer figure, Destin says he's finishing up medical school and Moff is engaged. Moff has apparently become more mature with his childish antics behind him. However, after Destin talks about how proud he was of Moff defending him when others taunted him about being adopted, Hope reveals that after doing some research, she discovered that she was also adopted.

Day 11 - The Hidden[edit]

Zenia, an Obsidian from The Magnate civilization, is held captive in a dark room interrogated by an unknown and unseen being. Only its deep ominous voice is heard. What appears to be a spotlight is directed at Zenia's face. However, the light isn't completely stationary so perhaps it is illuminated from the interrogator. Zenia is questioned about her mission on Earth. She explains that she and Essix were sent to "pacify" the terrorist threat by killing them and destroying their arsenal of weapons. In doing so, they discovered residual energy from weapons made by their enemy, The Quaazen, but don't know how humans acquired alien technology originating from a distant galaxy. Recovering from injuries from her fight with the terrorists, Zenia quickly materializes away from her captors.

Day 11 - Sisters[edit]

Some time later, another Obsidian is in the park where Zenia and Essex were captured. Her superior, The Overseer, materializes and confirms Zenia and Essix's safe return but is concerned why she is still on Earth. The Obsidian explains she is investigating how the humans may have gotten Quaazen weapons and expresses her longing to return home. The Overseer acknowledges how The Obsidian's personality is like their mother's and The Obsidian acknowledges how The Overseer's personality is like their father's. This leads to concern of a greater threat than the Quaazen, The Reapers, trans-dimensional beings whose only goal is to harvest all forms of energy.

Day 13 - Thief[edit]

A man cautiously runs through the city streets constantly looking around if he is being followed. He stops in a secluded area of the park and begins to look through a bag he has just stolen. Finding cash, a wallet and a cellphone, he plays a voicemail on the phone. The voicemail is by a man to his wife apologizing for his short temper and explains what he is doing to solve his problem. At the conclusion of the voicemail, the thief becomes conflicted with guilt, pushes the bag and its contents to the side then walks aways without taking anything. Throughout the scene, the thief is never seen speaking. The only voice is from the voicemail coming from the cellphone's speaker. The viewer is left wondering if the voice on the phone was probably the thief's conscience all along.

Day 13 - Closure[edit]

Lita and Josh traced the stolen bag to the park where the thief left it. It seems when the thief retrieved the voicemail, it triggered something which could be traced. Lita tries to explain this but Josh disagrees. Lita returns playful remarks then suddenly embraces Josh and gives him a passionate kiss. Lita says "YES" but Josh is confused. Lita reminds him of the dream he told her many times about proposing on the Spanish Steps in Italy, but didn't when they actually were on vacation there. This was enough for Josh to pull out the engagement ring from his pocket and confesses waiting for the right moment and puts it on Lita's finger. Both relieved, they hug and kiss then Lita's phone rings. Instead of another call to investigate another crime, it's a text from Lita's mother saying her phone was on and she heard the whole proposal. Josh picks up his phone reading a message that Lita's parents called his parents about the news. Thinking that all surprises have been revealed, Lita briefly mentions a baby shower in a comment peaking Josh's curiosity. The viewer is left wondering if Lita was distressed in the beginning because she was pregnant but not married to Josh or maybe she was just hinting at wanting to be.

Day 14 - Scouts[edit]

Two alien scouts from a race formally a part of The Magnate civilization, materialize in the park. The leader, Onyx, after observing human relationships over the past 14 days, expresses disappointment that humans are perhaps weak by constantly engaging in trivial conflicts. Saph, on the other hand, believes their good qualities is actually a strength that is worth considering. Onyx describes The Reaper threat in detail. The scene ends from the opposite view for the first time showing Onyx and Saph in the foreground and the cityscape in the background.

Bonus Scene - Subversive[edit]

On February 28, 2016, a 12-minute film titled, Subversive, screened at the Anthology Film Festival in New York City. Not a part of the "Day" scenes, Subversive blurs the line between reality and fiction and can be viewed without ever having seen 14 Days. A talk show host interviews the director of 14 Days, portrayed by a woman, while the real-life director, Joseph Villapaz, makes a cameo appearance as an on-set producer. This starts off "normally" but suddenly turns darker with an edgy sci-fi and horror tone. The film has since been added to 14 Days, however, it has also been submitted to film festivals as a separate short film and selected to the Prelude2Cinema Presents Film Festival, Women's Only Entertainment Film Festival and Los Angeles CineFest.

On June 12, 2016, Subversive will be screening at the International Horror Hotel Film Festival. It has also been awarded an Honorable Mention.[1]


International Horror Hotel 4th Place Award

Reviewer Carl Burgess of ScreenCritix, pointed out budget limitations but still said it was "watchable and entertaining".[2] However, reviewer Misty Layne of Rogue Cinema was very positive of the film concluding "good actors and a good story make for a fine film".[3]

Awards and Selections [14 Days][edit]

14 DAYS has received the following recognitions:

Event Accolade Category Date
Los Angeles Film Awards Honorable Mention[4] Original Story/Script November 28, 2016
Fantasy Anime Sci-Fi Horror Film Festival Official Selection Sci-Fi Experimental Feature November 15, 2016
Newark International Film Festival Official Selection Narrative Feature September 9, 2016
The Indie Gathering International Film Festival Honorable Mention[5] Short Film August 14, 2016
Fly Film Festival Nominee[6]

Official Selection[7]

Best Actor in a Short Film (Emily Dennis)

Short Film

August 6, 2016
Chautauqua International Film Festival 1st Place

Official Selection[8]

Best Short Film

Short Film

July 17, 2016
Chandler International Film Festival Official Selection Best Experimental Film June 30, 2016
Hollywood Boulevard Film Festival Official Selection Best Experimental Film June 24, 2016
Amarcord Arthouse Television & Video Festival Official Selection[9] Experimental Film June 11, 2016
Flying Frame Film Festival Official Selection[10] Strictly Experimental May 21, 2016
Women's Only Entertainment Film Festival Official Selection Short May 5, 2016
Northern Virginia International Film & Music Festival Artist Circle Award of Merit[11] Feature Film April 30, 2016
Prelude2Cinema Presents Official Selection Indie Feature March 29, 2016
INFLUXPalooza Finalist[12] Feature Film January 14, 2016
Culver City Film Festival Official Selection[13] Feature Film December 1, 2015
American Motion Picture Society Shortlist Drama November 13, 2015
Nevada International Film Festival Silver Screen Award[14] Experimental Film November 14, 2015
Terror Film Festival Claw Award[15]

Official Selection[17]

Best Cinematography

Best Director
Best Science Fiction Short Film
Best Short Film Screenplay
Best Sound Design
Science Fiction Short Film

October 29–31, 2015
Legends of Hollywood Film Festival Official Selection[18] Feature October 21, 2015
Fright Night Film Festival Official Selection[19] Horror Paranormal Feature October 16, 2015
Hollywood International Moving Pictures Film Festival Official Selection Feature Film (Sci-Fi) October 5, 2015
Great Lakes International Film Festival Official Selection[20] Horror October 3, 2015
Best Shorts Competition Award of Recognition[21] Experimental September 30, 2015
Los Angeles CineFest Official Selection[22] Short Film (60 min or less) September 2, 2015
Accolade Global Film Competition Award of Recognition[23] Experimental August 31, 2015
Miami Independent Film Festival Official Selection[24] Medium Length Narrative (under 60 min) August 31, 2015
International Independent Film Awards Honorable Mention[25] Experimental August 28, 2015
The Indie Fest Film Awards Award of Recognition[26] Experimental July 25, 2015
New Jersey Film Festival Official Selection[27] Experimental June 14, 2015
International Horror Hotel 4th Place[28][29] Sci-Fi Short Film June 7, 2015
Los Angeles Film Review Independent Film Awards Honorable Mention[30] Best Feature Film May 31, 2015
NewFilmmakers New York Official Selection[31][32] Narrative Feature April 29, 2015
Motor City Nightmares Official Selection[33] Sci-Fi Feature April 25, 2015
Alhambra Theatre Film Festival Official Selection[34] Narrative Feature April 11, 2015

Awards and Selections [Subversive][edit]

SUBVERSIVE has received the following recognitions:

Event Accolade Category Date
Big Fandom Film Festival Official Selection Short Film November 19, 2016
ICP Entertainment Short Film Series Nominee Best Horror Film October 28, 2016
Terror Film Festival Claw Award[35]

Official Selection

Best Science Fiction Short Film

Science Fiction Short Film

October 20-23, 2016
StarGate Galactic International Sci-Fi Fantasy & Horror Film Festival Official Selection[36] Short August 28, 2016
Milwaukee Women's Film Festival Official Selection[37] Short Film August 20, 2016
The Indie Gathering International Film Festival Honorable Mention[38] Short Film August 14, 2016
International Independent Film Awards Honorable Mention[39] Experimental Film June 22, 2016
Pop Ninja Sci-Fi Short Film Festival Official Selection[40] Sci-Fi Short Film July 1, 2016
Amarcord Arthouse Television & Video Festival Official Selection[9] Sci-Fi/Horror Film June 11, 2016
Flying Frame Film Festival Official Selection[10] Strictly Experimental May 21, 2016
Miami Independent Film Festival Official Selection[41] Short Narrative May 2, 2016
International Horror Hotel Honorable Mention[1]

Official Selection



June 12, 2016
Los Angeles CineFest Official Selection[42] Short Film April 17, 2016
Women's Only Entertainment Film Festival Official Selection Short March 30, 2016
Prelude2Cinema Presents Official Selection Indie Short March 29, 2016


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