14 Megala Tragoudia

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14 Megala Tragoudia
14 Megala Tragoudia (Despina Vandi).jpg
Compilation album by Despina Vandi
Released March 23, 2006
Recorded 1994-2000
Genre Laïka, contemporary laïka, dance-pop
Length 59:29
Language Greek
Label Minos EMI
Despina Vandi chronology
Despina Vandi
14 Megala Tragoudia

14 Megala Tragoudia (Greek: 14 μεγάλα τραγούδια; English: 14 great songs) is a compilation album by popular Greek singer Despina Vandi containing some of her most successful singles under the EMI Music Greece label (with whom she was signed from her debut in 1994 until 2000). It was part of a CD collection with the general title 14 Megala Tragoudia.

Track listing[edit]

1."Profities" (Προφητείες)PhoebusPhoebus4:24
2."Ipofero" (Υποφέρω)PhoebusPhoebus5:18
3."Sta 'Dosa Ola" (Στα 'δωσα όλα)PhoebusPhoebus5:24
4."Gela Mou" (Γέλα μου)Vasilis KarrasVasilis Karras4:00
5."Nihtolouloudo Mou" (Νυχτολούλουδο μου)PhoebusPhoebus4:55
6."Spania" (Σπάνια)PhoebusPhoebus4:36
7."O Perittos" (Ο περιττός)PhoebusPhoebus3:53
8."Lipame" (Λυπάμαι)PhoebusPhoebus4:30
9."Deka Entoles" (Δέκα εντολές)PhoebusPhoebus3:36
10."To Koritsaki Sou" (Το κοριτσάκι σου)PhoebusPhoebus4:06
11."Outopia" (Ουτοπία)PhoebusPhoebus3:57
12."A Pa Pa" (Α πα πα)PhoebusPhoebus3:08
13."Ksenodohio" (Ξενοδοχείο)PhoebusPhoebus3:59
14."Den Iparhi Tipota" (Δεν υπάρχει τίποτα)Tony KontaxakisTony Kontaxakis3:43
Total length:59:29

Release history[edit]

Region Date Label Format Version
Greece March 23, 2006 Minos EMI CD Original

Credits and personnel[edit]

Credits adapted from the album's liner notes.[1]


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