14 October (newspaper)

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14 October
Type Daily newspaper
Publisher 14th October Foundation for Journalism, Printing and Publishing
Editor-in-chief Ahmed Mohammed Alhubaishi
Founded 1968; 50 years ago (1968)
Language Arabic
Headquarters Aden
Website 14 October

14 October is an Arabic daily newspaper published in Aden, Yemen.

History and profile[edit]

14 October was started in 1968.[1] The paper was named after the revolution in the South of Yemen on 14 October 1967.[2] It is published in Arabic and is headquartered in Aden.[3] It was formerly run by the government of South Yemen before the reunification in 1990.[4] It is currently run by the state of Yemen[5][6] and its publisher is the 14th October Foundation for Journalism, Printing and Publishing.[2] Ahmed Mohammed Alhubaishi is the editor-in-chief of the daily.[4]

14 October mostly provides news offered by the Saba news agency, the official news agency of Yemen.[4] At the end of 2010, the paper had a circulation of 20,000 copies.[2]

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