14th Airlanding Brigade (United Kingdom)

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14th Airlanding Brigade
Active 1944 - 1947 and onward
Country United Kingdom
Branch British Indian Army
Pakistan Army
Type Airborne forces
Role Glider infantry
Size Brigade
Part of 44th Indian Airborne Division

The 14th Airlanding Brigade was a formation of the British Indian Army and then the Pakistan Army. It was formed from the 14th British Infantry Brigade on 1 November 1944, and was initially part of the 44th Airborne Division. Initially the brigade included 4/6th Rajputana Rifles, 2nd Black Watch, 2nd King's Own Royal Regiment, and 6/16th Punjab Regiment. During the Second World War it was commanded by Brigadier Thomas Brodie and later Brigadier F.W. Gibb.

Later as part of 2 Indian Airborne Division, the brigade headquarters was transferred to the Pakistan Army.[1]


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